Video Game Addiction Essay Topics

Video Game Addiction Essay Topics

If you need to write a video game addiction essay, this article can help get you started. Of course, aside from writing a video game addiction essay, you might also be asked to tackle different issues related to gaming, such as its role in education, society, and what the future holds in regards to online gaming. No matter which path you game, the most important thing is to choose a topic that the reader will find interesting. This will provide you with motivation to get started. You should also take care to write the paper carefully, using proper grammar, structure and word choices. Since you will likely be asked to do some research, you should ensure that the sources you use are credible. Any opinions that you state should be supported with facts. With this in mind, here is a comprehensive list of video game addiction essay topics along with other ideas.


Topics on Social Issues

If you are a college student, the topic of video games will no doubt come up in many of the classes you are taking no matter your major. The effects of playing video games - especially violent ones - are often discussed in courses related to psychology, education, sociology, journalism, and even public health. Here are some ideas that are applicable to almost all classes.

Persuasive Essay Ideas

  • Are there any harmful effects to playing video games?
  • Children understand that video games are just fiction. Support this statement.
  • Parents alone should determine whether their children can play violent games.
  • Are video game manufacturers made out to be scapegoats for problems in society?

Narrative Essay Suggestions

  • Think about when you were a child playing video games. Did you find any of them to be too violent?
  • Discuss an experience in which you witnessed cyberbullying during an online game session.
  • Discuss how playing video games effects romantic relationships
  • If you have ever been addicted to video games, discuss how it made you feel.

Expository Essay Prompts

  • Discuss what the research says about video games and mental health.
  • In the long term, how does exposure to video games impact childhood development?
  • How do kids who never or rarely play violent video games behave in school versus those who play for hours on end? 

General Essay Ideas Related to Gaming

  • Should there be more video games geared towards girls?
  • Do children who play video games have better or worse relationships with their parents?
  • Should sex be banned from video games?
  • What steps should the video game industry take to combat cyberbullying?

Video Game Essay Topics New Technology

If you love playing video games, there is a good chance that you are knowledgeable about the current trends and features of contemporary gaming. For those who have a passion for programming, you might have even tested new software and games. Here are some essay ideas that will excite you:

Persuasive Essays about the Future of Gaming

  1. How will VR change the way video games are played?
  2. Will physical video game consoles eventually be replaced with video game streaming?
  3. Streaming will replace consoles, yes or no?

Expository Essay Ideas about the Future of Gaming

  1. Discuss an intriguing future technology that is currently in the works.
  2. How will video games be different 10 years down the road?

Other Video Game Essay Ideas

  1. Discuss augmented reality (i.e., Pokemon Go) vs VR in gaming
  2. Compare and contrast PS4 with Xbox One
  3. Write a review about a recently-released video game that you have played.

Topics about Educational Games

Persuasive Essays on Video Games in Education

  • Should video games play an expanded role in education?
  • How young is too young to play video games?
  • Would an education that incorporated videogames be beneficial for less engaged students?

Expository Essay Ideas for Video Games in Education

  • Can video games enhance special education classes?
  • Compare and contrast video games intended for entertainment versus education
  • How are teachers utilizing gaming in the classroom?

Other Educational Essay Topics

  • Play a recently released educational video game and write a review about it.
  • The evolution of educational gaming: discuss how games today differ from those produced one or two decades ago.

Essay Topic Ideas for Avid Gamers

If none of those above suggestions float your boat, do not worry. There are still plenty of other approaches you can take when you have been given a video game essay. Perhaps you are somebody who likes to write about your own personal experiences and express your opinions about video games. If that is the case, you might consider these topics:

  1. Recall the first time you ever played a video game and reflect on how it made you feel
  2. What does the future hold for online gaming?
  3. Share an amusing story about something that happened to you while playing an online video game
  4. List 5 things that you like about online game and 5 things you dislike
  5. How has the PlayStation console evolved over time?
  6. Present your own original video game idea

Writing a good video game essay is not just about expressing your enjoyment of the technology, but also requires you to create a coherent paper that the reader will understand. You should do some research and properly cite all sources. If you need help with this, we offer custom writing services that allow you to hire a professional writer to complete your assignments! 

Video Game Addiction Paper Sample


The occurrence of video addictions starts as a common practice of relaxing and boredom killing. This effect has been mainly observed among the youth and the younger generation who tend to occupy most of their time in workstations and other areas of video game playing. This paper illustrates the modes and instances of addiction to video games and emphasizes on time as the factor with the continued use of the video or computer in playing games. The psychological factors of the addiction are clearly given with the effect of dopamine being illustrated. The signs and symptoms are clearly described in the report and also the harmful effects of video and computer games addictions. The best remedy in treating the addiction is where the best solution is not total withdrawal but offering psychological help to assist in reduction of the overdependence on video gaming.


A habit is a disease. Many people nowadays have had the opportunity to access a computer or Video. Many parents have been involved in spending huge sums of money as a way of keeping their children busy at home. This has led to them spending a lot of time on the screen just watching TV or playing video games. The once intended video games turn to be destructive especially where the children get addicted. Not only children get addicted but also adolescent youth and adults who start playing the games more often as a way of relaxation. The major sign of addiction is the excessive use or overuse, daily or compulsive use or evading duties just to play games. Many guardians see this as a way of preventing the youth from bad behavior or peer influence or better still, a way of keeping children indoors; however it turns out to be destructive and addictive to say the least.

This paper illustrates the addiction to video games playing. It illustrates how one is addicted with time, and brings the psychological factors of the addiction. The signs and symptoms are also listed and the harms of video and computer games addictions are clearly described. The best treatment where the best solution is not total withdrawal but offering psychological help to assist reduce the dependency of video gaming is given.  


For a long time, addiction has normally been linked to substances like alcohol or drugs, but video games can too be addictive. According to psychiatrists addiction can be described as the need for more of a practice, behavior, or substance to keep a person normally going, and if the individual does not get more of the behavior, practice, or substance then he gets irritated and miserable in life at that moment. Many children or adults who are addicted to video games start playing it as a way to pass time or as a way of avoiding boredom. 

Other children are left at home with no other option but to play games in order to relax and have fun. The actual addiction comes in where users compulsively play computer or video games, start isolating from social contacts and concentrate entirely on computer or video games thus forgetting the social life. There have been many proposals to include video game addiction in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders which is seen as a psychological addiction. If the games are withdrawn, withdrawal symptoms such as anger, violence, depression, or lone ranging may be experienced especially in cases of serious addictions. The children for example may refuse to eat, or sleep, cry, and stay alone. 

The Psychological Factor

According to Clark, the biological aspect of addiction brought by video games is uncertain. Research indicates that gambling increases dopamine in the brain, but there is more than meets the eye than brain chemistry. The release of dopamine in the brain reinforces brain maps; they are the paths of neurons that accumulate when an activity is repeated time and again. As one plays more games the brain configures itself to be perfect in the game but the worst thing is that its starts to expect that you must play them. The individuals try to change the way they feel by using something outside of themselves which gives them a fantasy that makes them feel better.

The games make them assume the role of a fictional character and make them able to feel psychologically free and able to interact with other players in a world which is not real but virtual. This makes them become engrossed in the game and visualize the virtual world as better, appealing, and enjoyable than the real world. They live in a world of illusions and never want to be in a real world hence they are psychologically affected.

The Harmful Effects

Initially, video gaming seems to be harmless and many people just have fun and illusions. However, the harm comes in when the overuse is detected. Too much of anything is poisonous and as Clark says, addiction can ruin lives. Many children will play for long hours hence having no time for social life, completing their school assignments, or even physical activities like playing sports. This will have adverse effects on their normal social developments. Several attributes of normal life like addressing people, talking to opposite sex members, and knowledge of the surrounding features will be skipped since most of the time is spend in non interactive conditions of playing games. 

Having no physical activities or exercising the body, they might tend to accumulate weight and subject themselves to the risk of developing health complications such as obesity. This will have impacts when one gets old especially considering that he/she will still be behaving as a child. For adults, addiction can lead to neglecting jobs, duties, or relationships. Adults may even put away meals or sleep just to play video games.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Not all who play games for long periods of time are addicts since people can practice safe game playing. As cited in Clark, the Center for Online Addiction gives addiction signs as; playing for increasing amounts of time, thinking about video gaming while performing other activities, engaging in video gaming so as to escape from real life problems, anxiety, or depression, giving lies to trusted individuals e.g. family and friends in order to hide gaming, and feelings of irritation, or anger when video games are eliminated. Also addicts are mostly isolated from their social networks and assume or ignore other hobbies they have in order to engage in video or computer games.

Clark indicates that most video game addicts are males under the age of thirty. Mainly children with low self-esteem and social misfit problems are affected. In order for guardians to ascertain the addiction then they must keep track of the child’s behavior such as; when the child plays for long hours, the problems that result or be aroused by the gaming and the child’s reaction to time limits. 

Detoxification or Treatment of Addiction 

Video gaming addiction can be treated same as other addictions, but there is one major important difference. You do not need to withdraw the computer or video. This emphasizes the responsible use of the equipments. This can be done by limiting the time and complete withdrawal from playing games. Many video games addicts never admit to be in trouble, hence they rebel against any treatments procedures. No medicines are involved but just psychological counseling which will change the gaming hours and dependency.


Gaming can be fun and enjoyable for many people especially children but special care should be taken when it is being practiced so as not to be overused. Guardians have the role of protecting their adolescent children from such harm and encourage social behaviors so as to build a better society in future. Video and computer games can be played online to enhance the experience of the game but the best player should also take into consideration, his normal life, duties, and responsibility. The best remedy for computer and video games addiction is to have a successfully balance between playing video games and school activities, grades, friends, and family obligations.

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