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Informal Essay Writing

Got Tired from Endless Formal Academic Writing Assignments?

Want to know something about informal paper writing? If yes, then the article provided below will be interesting for you. Today, we will speak about informal essay writing, which is the easiest and most creative type of assignment for high school and college students. To be true, it is hard to explain how to create an informal paper as this kind of writing is more personal than others. As there are many different points of view on how to compose this type of paper, there are no certain or established rules. This means that you are free to choose any topic you want; you can write about an event which happened a few days ago or simply put your own thoughts on a certain problem into words. While writing your informal paper, you have to be ready to show your true self and to be willing to consider new ideas. Wondering how to do this? Then these easy informal essay writing tips will be helpful for you.


Step 1: Getting interesting topic

Most often, students have to choose topics for informal essay writing themselves as tutors do not assign specific ones. Thinking about what topic will fit for this kind of paper writing? Quite often, informal essays of some students look like they are telling a fictional story. Remember that you can write about a story that never happened, but your views, thoughts, and feelings have to present your true personality. Moreover, there is no specific rule in which person you should write your essay, thus you are free to choose between the first, the second and the third one.

If you lack ideas, you can look through some suggestions on what topic to choose for your informal essay.

  • My religion
  • The experience I will never forget
  • Traits that make me different from others
  • The most interesting journey in my life
  • The day that changed my life
  • What I want to change in myself
  • My priorities in life

The above-mentioned topics are really good for showing your actual personality. You can choose one of these topics to write your informal essay on or you can try to find something similar to them.

Step 2: Writing your informal paper

If you want to arouse readers’ interest and to establish a contact with them, the best way is to make up your mind, relax, and put all your real feelings and thoughts into a paper. Your informal essay should be written in casual manner. You have to show the audience that you really present your true views and thoughts on the subject. It is recommendable to write your informal essay in conversational tone. You can ask some questions and present your personal viewpoint on them. You should share your feelings and thoughts with your readers and speak directly to them. Stick to this advice while writing your paper as it is the best way to gain the readers’ confidence and get into contact with them.

Step 3: Structuring your informal paper

Even though there are no specific rules on how to write an informal essay, it does not mean that your essay should not be properly structured. This type of paper should have common structure: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Do not forget to provide a strong and clear thesis statement. It should present the main idea of your paper. Be consistent, use smooth transitions, and make sure to present your thoughts in logical manner.

Last but not least, simply relax and enjoy the process of writing. Do not forget to proofread your paper before submission. Adhere to the recommendations provided above and you will create a successful paper that will impress your tutor and classmates.

Informal Paper Topics

Informal Essay Writing Tips

The specific feature of an informal paper is that it gives a writer more freedom compared to any other academic essay. This type of essay allows its writer to be less formal. However, even though an informal essay may be full of humor, personal observations, etc. it still has to follow a specific structure. Such characteristics of this essay makes it both easy and difficult to write at the same time.

The other feature of informal essays is that the author of papers performs a function of a narrator. On the other hand, in formal essays, the writer stands behind the information, providing facts and arguments taken from different academic sources. For informal papers, the writer is the one who communicates with the readers. That is why, in order to write a good informal paper, it is necessary to add a little bit of your own personality to writing.

If you look for informal papers on the Internet, you will be surprised how popular this type of papers is. Informal essays can be used not only for blogs and some interactive websites but also for news websites and this type of writing is becoming more popular for engaging readers. One of the websites offering a wide range of such essays is The Globe and Mail. Even though the articles provided there use a journalistic style, they are written in a conversational tone. The articles provided at the website are a good example of how high quality informal papers should look. They follow not only the requirements of informal writing but also adhere to proper structure, including all main elements of the essay (thesis, introduction, main body, and conclusion).

Considering the fact that an informal essay can deal with any topic, students often wonder, “Which is not a subject for an informal essay?” Actually, these papers are not limited by any subjects. You are free to write about anything, as soon as you do it correctly. Some of the topics of informal papers may include:

In order to make the writing process easy, you should be familiar with the topic you are going to discuss. Besides, you should also consider the audience and its preferences. Do not forget that personal paper requires you to provide personal attitude and show your own position in regard to some issues.

Informal Essay Topics

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Skills Required for Personal Paper Writing

The difficulty of writing this essay type is that when the students get complete freedom for completing their assignment, they often get confused with what to write. Sometimes, research paper can be easier to complete considering its strict structure and clear understanding of what to do with it. Nevertheless, even though the informal paper does not require research work it is treated seriously by professors. The deal is that possibility to write the papers from personal perspective is also deeply valued by teachers. So, if you have problems with completing your assignment, you can also ask for expert writing help.

You may choose any topic to write about, for example:

  • Story from your past;
  • Narration about an important person in your life;
  • Positive or negative experience;
  • Funny story of how you met your girlfriend, etc.

Regardless of the topic, we are always ready to help by providing a high quality piece of writing. Do not hesitate to contact us, provide some personal information regarding the chosen theme and wait until the work is done.

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