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Conducting Custom Business Plans 

Without a Business Plan/Proposal, You Have Nothing

If you are an entrepreneur, a potential entrepreneur, or a student of business, you will, at some point, have to create a business plan or proposal.  Such a plan is essential for the following reasons:

  1. No bank or potential investor will even consider providing funding without a thorough and impeccably created plan.
  2. You cannot move your business forward unless you have a fully developed plan for its inception and/or growth to which you adhere.
  3. As a business student, you will be required to write one or more business plans for completion of either a bachelor’s or master’s degree.


If you have never written a business plan, you have two choices at this point

If you choose the second option, you have made the first smart move in entrepreneurship.  Whether you have no business yet, or whether you have a business of any size that you wish to see grow and develop, you need professional assistance for this substantial and critical task. That is why you need the assistance of WriteMyText.com.

Business Plan Sample

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Our Process

When you contact WriteMyText.com for a custom-written business plan, you will be assigned a consultant/writer who has expertise in your business niche.  This consultant will discuss several critical aspects of your business with you, because only with a complete understanding of your enterprise, can the consultant write an effective and credit-worthy plan.  Together, with your consultant, you will discuss your mission, your goals and objectives, your strategic plans for achievement of goals and objectives, and the methods by which you will evaluate goal achievement and/or revision of said goals.  Once all of this delineated specifically, your consultant will begin the process of plan development.

All along the way, your consultant will communicate with you, sending you portions for approval and/or revision, based upon your continued input and reflection.  You are never left out of the loop, wondering what your consultant is creating and how the piece is progressing.  This is one aspect of our service that separates us from the cheaper plan writing services found all over the web.  They write “canned” plans from “canned” formats, and nothing that they write will make you stand out among the competition.  Your plan will be unique, creative, customized specifically for you, and developed by a true professional who can grab the attention of any reader.

Principles of our writing services

Our Writers

For the business plan aspect of our writing service, we hire professionals who have had vast experience in the real world of business, as well as degrees in business themselves.  Many are retired business owners themselves, and have the understanding and expertise to develop compelling plans/proposals that will get the desired results – a road map for the business owner, investment capital, or a course grade.  You will not have to rely on second-rate writers who themselves rely on filling out templates which every investor, banker and professor has already seen thousands of times.  You will have a unique first-rate piece!

Repeating the Caution

A truly professional business plan does not come from a “cookie cutter” template or format.  It comes from the customization of a plan based upon the unique aspects of your business, your goals, and your methodologies for growth.  Do not trust such an important document or assignment to the amateurs!  You must utilize the services of a professional agency that will design and create a plan that is fully individualized for your purposes.  We have consultants in the U.S., UK, Canada, as well as other countries, who can design such plans for its clients, provide personal communication with clients, and meet the deadlines given!

Reasonable Prices

WriteMyText.com has worked hard to provide our clients with the most affordable services for what we provide.  When you place an order for a business plan with us, we will do all possible to keep your cost as low as possible – starting as low as $12 per page.  We also have a 24-hour support department that can provide you with a price quote or, once our work for you has begun, respond to any questions or issue that may arise.  Payment is secure through any major credit card or PayPal. 

Contact us immediately with your business plan need.  We promise the highest quality for the lowest possible price!

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