How We Work and Operate. Custom Writing Services

How it works

1. Go to our order form and fill out all necessary fields

Make sure that the personal and contact information you have provided is correct, especially your phone numbers and email. We constantly keep in touch with our customers, and your phone and email will be the key communication channels.

Make sure you have written all info correctly and did not forget anything. Our writers will rely on your instructions and requirements, that is, everything you have written in the order form. Once the order form is submitted, it will be very difficult to change the parameters of your order.

Please note, 1 page is 300 words on our site, while most of the services write 275 words only. Save your money with every ordered page!

2. Transfer the payment

The urgency you have chosen for your order counts since the moment your payment was submitted. Our writer will start working on your paper only when the payment is completed. We guarantee money back, which means that, in case the product or service you ordered is not delivered on time, you can apply for a refund (please refer to our “Terms of Use” for more details) or contact Support Team for the respective clarifications.

We may ask you to verify your identity. Please, do not think something is wrong if our Billing Department calls you and asks to verify your identity. If we ask you to verify your billing address, it is simply because we care for your security and confidentiality. We want to protect you from the risks of frauds, and we also need to confirm that you are the person who has actually placed the order with us. We need to have your purchase authorized by you, and must have guarantees that you have authorized this order.

3. Check your e-mail confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation from us with the information you will need to proceed with our cooperation. There, you will also find answers to all most relevant questions, find our contact details, and learn how to upload additional documents and materials. Please, do not delete the email confirmation for your future reference!

4. Log-in to you personal area and communicate with the writer and customer support

Check your e-mail regularly for the updates from the writer or customer support. You can easily communicate to the writer and post messages, when you have questions related to your order. The writer will send answers to your questions in the same way.

Do not worry, if you see that we are still looking for a writer to work on your paper. Our writers are free to select orders, because we want to make sure that your order is assigned to the most appropriate writer, who has experience and professional knowledge in your discipline. Only writers who are willing to work on your paper and follow your requirements will take it.

If you learn that the requirements for your order have changed, you can RESUBMIT THEM! However, it can be done when a writer has not started working on the order or during initial writing stages. We pursue flexibility in our work with customers, and we allow them to update the requirements and instructions for their order. However, if you change the primary instructions, number of pages, the level of writing, or the deadline, we will have to charge additional compensation to follow the new requirements.

Do not worry, if the writer does not reply to your message immediately. The writer may not be spending all his/her time with the computer, simply because the writer also needs time away to do quality research for your order. You will always get a reply from the writer within 24 hours. We have an effective messaging system that promotes communication from both sides to reach the desired outcomes.

5. Use your personal area to download the finished paper

Check your private area and email, before the deadline is here. You will get an email notification to inform you that your paper was completed. You will also receive a web link to your account, where you will be able to download your paper. If you face problems downloading the finished product, you will be able to receive the completed paper to your email.

6. Answer the questions in our Customer Survey and let us know how well we have coped with your task

Take a look at your paper, read it, and inform us how well we have coped with it! Please, feel free to leave a testimonial on our website. If you need to correct your paper, you can request a revision within 48 hours for a paper between 1 and 20 pages and within 30 days for a paper that exceeds 20 pages. All revisions are provided for FREE, unless you change the initial instructions.

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