Write an Informative Conclusion

Conclusion Writing

Students usually try to make a good conclusion after they have written all other essay parts. Ending an essay vividly and impressively should always take place since it is the last chance to re-state the key discussion points and persuade the reader to accept your standpoint. Thus, it is very important to write clearly and expressively, so that readers will have a sense of completion and will not experience any “so what?” questions in their mind.

Concluding paragraph should present a sense of closure and it is writer’s responsibility to sum up what has been already said. However, sometimes teachers ask to discuss possible implications of the issue and provide your own interpretation of the subject matter, so be sure you carefully read teacher’s instructions before composing an ending paragraph.


If you would like to attain a sense of completion, you should take into consideration the following rules:

  • Before writing a conclusion, you have to re-read your introduction. Then restate it by using different vocabulary and other sentence structures.
  • Do not use very elaborate and complex vocabulary because readers appreciate simple language. It is highly important to make the reader understand your final words, not distorting their meaning.
  • Always refer to a parallel structure in your compound sentences.

Principles of our writing services

If you are not afraid of experimenting and surprising your teacher with some remarkable ideas in your conclusion, you can rely on some of our unique writing rules. It will increase the chances of gaining an excellent point for the task.

  1. You can end your paper by discussing a larger context of the problem. For instance, if you explore the issue of feminism in the US, you can refer to developing countries, which do not protect women rights at all. Discussing the issue in a larger context can sometimes be an effective persuasive technique.
  2. Even if all academic writing rules do not allow it, you can conclude your paper with a quotation of a famous researcher in the respective field. If you would like to stress out your main argument, you can support it with a quote of another person. It can be taken from non-scholarly sources. To make your conclusion interesting, you can take a quotation of any celebrity, who used to talk about similar issues on TV. For example, if you have to write an essay in literature exploring Steven King themes, you can find a quote that discusses the same ideas. However, be very careful with in-text citations. If you use ideas of other people, they must be properly cited within the text.
  3. Summarize the key ideas discussed in the paper, but you can focus on the main one and prove that it is worth considering. For example, if you discuss racial and cultural beliefs in literary pieces of the US writers, you can restate that logical reasoning of different races influence the way people interact with one another.
  4. Try to discuss some hidden ideas or explore the issue from a completely new perspective. For example, if most researchers claim that James Cooper’s works were influenced by the fact that he served in the US Navy, you can disprove this idea by providing a couple of relative examples that his literary legacy has nothing to do with this fact. Do not be afraid to oppose already established ideas and discuss something unique in writing.

As you can see, exploring new forms and tendencies in writing is a good path towards excellent grades. However, if your teacher is against it, then refer to a common way to conclude your essay. Here are a couple of recommendations about how you should not end your paper:

  • Always restate the main ideas in conclusion. Remember that a concluding paragraph is rather short and you will not be able to discuss all arguments and examples one more time. Prioritize your argumentation and choose the most vivid and striking ideas.
  • Do not use phrases like “to sum up” or “to conclude.” Since it is the last paragraph, it is pretty clear that you will sum up the whole discussion. You just duplicate an obvious action.
  • Always be clear in your intentions. The reader should not have any doubts and hesitations if you managed to cover the topic or not. Do not sound doubtful in the conclusion because the reader will consider you as incompetent in this subject. Always check the word count frame assigned by the professor.

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