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Many professors consider students to be “universal soldiers” who must know everything and be able to cope with any writing assignment without problems. The problem is that it is not always true in real life. Numerous assignments may become a reason of confusion and stress for students. For example, not all of them know how to critique an article, as well as very few of them can deal with a couple of writing assignments at once. As a result, many students look for professional help with article critique writing.

If we talk specifically about article critique writing, it should be noted that it is a complex task which requires knowledge that is beyond simple understanding of how an essay should be written. This task requires research and writing skills, possibility to approach the article critically and ability to be objective. You have to analyze the text written by some author and say whether his thoughts and ideas are reasonable or not by providing credible evidences. In addition, the writer will have to express his own thoughts on the issue.


Students may need help with article critique because they often interpret this task wrong. Instead of providing article critique, they tend to do a summary of the text, which is a different kind of writing. As a result, it is extremely important to avoid general mistakes while writing, which include:

  • Negative critique. The word “critique” does not necessary mean that the writer has to express negative thoughts. If the author of the article provides credible information you may agree with him, which is also a critique, which is positive though.
  • Adding too much background information. If the readers want to read your critique, it means that they already know about the article you are talking about. It means that you do not have to provide too much information about the initial article and go down to the main point at once.
  • Missing the main argument. The main argument serves as your personal position on what you are writing. This position should be provided at the beginning of your paper to show the readers what they should expect from your paper. If this point is missing, you should revise your paper, as you may be on the wrong way of writing a simple summary.

The recommendations provided above will help you write a high quality critique paper. In order to see how an article critique paper should be written, you can order an example of a good critique essay from us. It will serve you as a guide for writing your own paper.

Free Article Critique Example to Read

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How to Format Article Critique?

The other issue that has to be mentioned in regard to article critique writing is paper format. It is not a secret that even a good paper can be downgraded, if it is formatted wrong. One of the most often used formats for writing academic papers is APA (American Psychological Association) format. This format has its specific rules, which have to be followed. So, in most cases, if other is not specified by the professor, you will have to use it to complete your paper. This formatting style also requires dividing your paper into four main parts, which include title page, abstract, main body of the paper, and reference page. Here is a short description of these parts:

  1. Title page, it is the first page of your paper, which contains information on institutional affiliation, the name of the author and paper title.
  2. Abstract. Generally, abstract is a short section of 150-250 words, which contains short description of the paper content. It also contains information on methods used for paper writing and information on why it is important.
  3. Main body. It is the most important part of the paper as it contains actual critique of the chosen article. It is the part where you provide evidences to support your point and when you reveal all the weak points of the article.
  4. Reference page. This section contains information on the sources that were used to write an article and support your point. However, this page should be paid special attention to, as it has to be formatted following specific rules of APA formatting.

In addition, pay attention to in-text citations you use in the main body. You may find additional information on paper formatting in an article critique example APA or on the websites which offer APA guidelines or other formatting tips.

Professional Writing Assistance

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