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Frequently Asked Questions

Placing an Order with is Simple:

It doesn’t matter whether you need a basic 5-paragraph essay, a work as complex as a dissertation, or anything in between; the ordering process is the same. You complete the order form with as many details as necessary for the piece ordered. Please, provide all necessary information to prevent misunderstandings about your paper.

Our staff reviews your order and assigns a proper writer. If, for example, you need a persuasive essay at the high school level, you will work with a writer who has a bachelor’s degree in English. If you are writing a master’s thesis, your writer will hold a Ph.D. degree in your area. You will receive a notification by email once your writer has been assigned.

You can communicate with your writer through your personal account and via email. Please, check your account often, especially when the work is complex. Your writer may have questions or require additional information. This approach also enables you to check the progress of your work.

When the work is completed you will be notified via email. You can review the paper when you log in to your account. If you want any changes made, address your concerns to the writer, and your writer will make improvements provided that original instructions remain the same.

  • How reliable is your hiring process?

    We have a very reliable hiring process that enables us to employ the best expers. Before the writer is employed by our service, a rigorous screening process is involved. This is how our selection process works:

    1. Submission of verifiable academic credentials.
    2. Completion of application and an on-line writing examination.
    3. Submission of writing samples in the areas in which the individual wishes to write.
    4. Feedback from students for whom the writer has completed works.
    5. Performance in meeting deadlines and customer satisfaction.

    Our writers are also organized by the specific type of English they use. There are differences in language style, vocabulary and spelling in the U.S., UK, Australia, and Canada. We will match the writer to the client in this respect. Non-native-speaking students should submit samples of their own work, so that a writer can use that style and vocabulary. We want your paper to appear authentically written by you!

  • How much should I pay for an abstract?  

    We provide an abstract free of charge on demand when a writer completes a paper for you. If you need an abstract for another paper, you can check the price using an online calculator or ask our support agents for help.

  • Can I order a PowerPoint Presentation with a voice-over?

    No, we do not narrate presentations. However, you can ask a writer for speaker notes and narrate your presentation using this text. 

  • What texts do you write?

    We specialize in academic writing and create essays, research papers, case studies, coursework, and other popular texts. Moreover, we work on Excel papers, lab reports, and PowerPoint Presentations. Our writers can also produce amazing speeches, write poems, and complete other creative tasks. Basically, we cover any assignment a professor may give to students.

  • I like your services and want to express gratitude. How can I thank my writer for a job well done?

    We appreciate your feedback and offer several options in such cases:

    1. You can tip your writer and they will receive the whole amount at once;
    2. You can send a message to a writer;
    3. You can leave your feedback on our website.


  • What responsibilities do you have?

    As a custom writing company, we bear the responsibility to provide high-quality content written in accordance with the customer’s instructions, deliver plagiarism-free papers, and complete assignments on time.

  • Do you guarantee confidentiality?

    We guarantee privacy and confidentiality. Please, check our guarantees in Privacy Policy section. All the private data is used to contact you. We never share your data with third parties.

  • Do you guarantee quality writing and high grades?

    We guarantee that your paper will be written in accordance with the highest standards of English academic writing. We employ professionals with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees to ensure that the papers correspond to the expected level of writing and are completed by professionals. However, we cannot guarantee any grades because your professors may be biased. You may have a look at the samples provided on our website to see what quality of writing you may expect to get.

  • What if I deliver a fake email/phone number?

    We strongly recommend you send us your valid contact details because we use this data to contact you in case of an emergency. We keep your data safe and secured under the Privacy Policy.

  • Can I get a draft before the paper is ready?

    Yes. Please, indicate that you want a draft when you place an order. The draft will be delivered within 50% of the order time. Mind that it is a paid option.

  • I need to complete a test. Can you help?

    Yes, we work with online tests and exams. When placing an order, choose “online exam” as an order type and provide all the details about your assignment. We expect that you deliver all the materials required to pass the test, mention the time and duration of the test (if it is time-restricted), and indicate login and password to take a test.

  • I have already written a paper, but I need to add some information. Can you do it?

    Yes, we can finish your paper and add the required information. Just send us your written paper and inform us what you wish us to add.

  • Do you work with urgent papers?

    Yes, we work with urgent papers. We are ready to complete an order within several hours (for example, 3-6 hours). To ensure that the paper will be ready contact our Support team before placing an order, and they ensure on-time delivery.

  • Can I place a coding assignment with you?

    We work only with written assignments and projects. Unfortunately, we cannot complete coding, programming, or application development tasks for you.

  • What should I do if I cannot find a needed order type when placing an order?

    If you cannot find the type on the list or are unsure what order type to choose, contact our support team via email or LiveChat, and they will help you to make a choice and find an individual solution.

  • Can I check whether you can complete my order before filling out an order form and paying for it?

    Yes, you can send the details of your order to our Support Team, and they will check whether it is possible to complete an order with the Writer’s department.

  • How can I ask my previous writer to work on my next order?

    When placing an order, kindly add a Preferred Writer option. You should check the Writer’s ID from your previous order and inset it in a new order form. The system will add 15% to your order price. This sum is delivered to the writer directly to notify them about the high priority of your order.

  • Can I send a message to my writer directly?

    Yes, you may communicate with your writer directly via messages on the site. Log in to your account and send a message to the writer. If you need an urgent response, you may contact our support team and they will reach the writer. We work 24/7.

  • I made a mistake when placed an order. I indicated a wrong deadline/ academic level/ order type /number of pages. Can I make changes when the order has already been paid?

    You cannot edit the paper after you have already provided payment. However, you may contact our Support team, and they will make all the necessary changes. Mind that depending on the changes, additional payment may be provided as deadline, and academic level may affect an order price.

  • I have received a paper, but I see some flaws. Can I ask for a paper revision?

    We have an option of a free revision within 48 hours after the paper was delivered to you. If you have received a paper and see that the instructions you have initially provided were not fully met, you may put an order on revision. Provide your comments pointing to specific aspects that were not written to the instructions, and your writer will revise the paper for free.

  • Is there an opportunity to discuss the order price?

    We have stable prices, but you may send your price request to our agents, and they will try to help you. Also, we have different discounts for customers. You may be eligible for a discount and get a lower final price.

  • I filled out an order form, but the order does not submit. I cannot finish the process.

    Most probably, you have attached files that are not supported. Please, remove files and submit an order one more time. Send your files to our email with the indication of the order ID. If the issues is not solved, get in touch with the support department.


  • I have already paid for the order, but the system asks me to pay one more time. What should I do?

    Please, check your email. You should have a receipt there. Forward it to us, and we will confirm your transaction. Check your Spam or Trash folders as such emails may sometimes appear there. If you still cannot see it, contact your bank to confirm that you were charged. You may also forward us your bank statement to confirm payment. If the transaction was not completed, you may try another browser or card.

  • I have already placed an order and agreed on everything with the writer but paper requirements changed and I need to add 2 pages. What should I do?

    You may add more pages by pressed an Additional Order button in your account on the order where you wish to add pages. This will help to link both orders. If you still have problems, you may contact our support team and they will place an additional order for you.

  • I set the wrong deadline. Can I change it?

    Yes, you can. If you need a shorter deadline, you need to compensate for the urgency difference as the order price depends on the deadline directly. Contact our support team, and they will calculate the price.

  • It took me more time to check the paper, and I need to revise it. However, a free revision period has already expired. Can I still revise the paper with the same writer?

    Sure, you may revise the paper. You need to place an additional order with the late revision request compensation. Choose the Revision order type and the system will calculate the price. A revision order will be assigned to the same writer.

  • I want a refund to be arranged in a form of bonus credits. How can I do it, and how will I be able to use these credits afterward?

    When a refund is confirmed by our agents, please, inform our Customer Care agents (via LiveChat or phone) or our Financial Department (via email: that you wish to receive a refund in a form of bonus credits. You will be able to use these bonuses for your future orders.

  • What details do I need to add when placing an order?

    1. Topic - be as specific as possible.
    2. Word or page number requirement (300 words per page)
    3. Number and type of resources required if the work involves research. Please indicate if you already have the resources you wish or need to use.
    4. Delivery deadline - Please select a deadline that will allow you time to review the draft and request revisions before you must submit it. If your deadline is extremely urgent, you may not have much time to review the text.
    5. It may be a good idea to upload a sample of your own writing, so that your writer can imitate your style and vocabulary.
    6. Sources citation format - institutions or instructors/professors might have certain requirements on formatting, so please make sure you indicate those.
    7. Other details - if there are requirements regarding print size or style format, please indicate this.
    8. Title Page - if there are any specific requirements, let us know.
    9. If your order involves unique requirements, place a free inquiry. We will review it and make certain that we have a writer for you before sending you to the payment link.

  • How and when is payment made?

    You will be directed to the payment link once you place an order. Our payment methods are safe and include several options for choosing.

  • Can you meet any deadline?

    We try. We do not hold records but are pretty good with urgent papers. We have deadline options starting from 3 hours through as long as two months. It depends on the complexity of work and your individual deadline. You will receive an email when the work is finished. The time starts once your payment is made.

  • What if I experience problems or have not received my paper?

    Contact us immediately. We assure you that all orders are uploaded on time, so check your personal profile to download the paper. There are usually certain reasons for this - a spam filter on your computer may have blocked our message; the plagiarism-checking phase might take a little longer than expected, and the paper will be on its way to you in a few minutes; your writer might be waiting for you to respond to a specific request before continuing, etc. At any time, you may call, email, or chat with our customer support department 24 hours a day. We will track your paper and get it to you, or explain what you need to do.

  • Who are your writers?

    Our writers are professionals with academic degrees and dedication to students. We have writers with degrees in virtually every field of study.


  • What do you do to guarantee that my essay is not plagiarized?

    We do everything possible. Our writers are well aware that we have zero-tolerance policy regarding plagiarism.

    We have a plagiarism-detection system that is unique to and is accurate. Only by using our system, we can detect plagiarism and yet not report it to public databases. So, if your instructor runs plagiarism detection on your work, it will not show up anywhere as already existing work.
    Among the thousands of works written by our writers, we have had only a few small issues with plagiarism, involving phrases and sentences that needed to be edited, or specific ideas which needed to be credited to a specific source. You can also get a full plagiarism report as a VIP service.

  • What if I am unsatisfied with the final product?

    We are committed to customer satisfaction, both in quality of work and in service provided. If you are still unhappy, when you receive the final piece, simply contact us with the specific details. If the probkem is in paper insturctions, your work will be revised without extra charge. The reason why you may be charged for revision of your text is if it involves change of original order specifics or more than 48 hours have passed after the order delivery.

    If you believe that the writer did not manage to cover some instructions, you can apply for a refund. Our Refund Department will check your request within 3-4 business days, or even sooner. To apply for a refund, you have 14 days from the moment your order was uploaded to the personal profile.

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