Cohered Annotated Bibliography Tips to Take into Consideration

Annotated Bibliography Tips to Follow

Before writing an annotated bibliography, it is necessary to find out what an annotation is. You should know that is not just a concise summary of a particular source no matter whether it is an article, website, or book. An annotation should provide useful information about the analyzed resource. It should help readers understand whether a particular work is worth their attention.


Annotation versus Abstract

An abstract usually summarizes the examined book, web resource, or article. However, it has a descriptive character. Surely, annotations can also provide descriptions of sources. Nevertheless, they are focused on important details of the explored issue. There are two main types of annotations: critical and evaluative.

Annotated Bibliography Tips and Tricks

It is a piece of writing that presents the sources used for producing an academic work.

However, it differs from a common bibliography. The point is that each entry of the annotated bibliography is followed by a short descriptive paragraph. It usually includes 150-200 words. The reasons for preparing such type of work are quite different. Everything depends on the given assignment. Therefore, it may be written to:

  • help produce a thesis statement;
  • present research results;
  • present a literature review of the explored issue;
  • provide information about the sources containing relevant material on the discussed matter;
  • cover the points that may interest other scholars.

An annotated bibliography can be of two types

Analytical Annotated Bibliography

It is also called critical. Its aim is to analyze and summarize the produced material. When preparing this piece of writing, you need to explore in detail its key points. Meticulous attention should be also paid to the author’s conclusion. You

should find out whether it summarizes the work reasonably or not. By the way, in most cases, students are assigned to write this type of annotated bibliography.

Descriptive Annotated Bibliography

It is an informative paper that provides a clear summary of the used sources in the way that an abstract does. When writing this work, you need to find out why a particular source is helpful for examining the chosen subject. Besides, this type of the annotated bibliography also analyzes the presented facts and made conclusion. However, there is no need to evaluate the author’s point of view. If you want to understand what to begin your annotated bibliography with, take the following tips into consideration:

  • Select the sources. At this stage you need to do research in the way you conduct it when examining other academic works.
  • Make a review. Choose those sources that contain only relevant material on the topic. By the way, it is very useful to take different articles written on your subject into account.
  • Make proper citations and write an annotation. Remember that citation goes first.

According to the type of annotated bibliography, it may include different structural elements

Note that an annotated bibliography may be arranged both in chronological and alphabetical orders. You should strictly adhere to the guidelines provided by your professor to do everything correctly.

Pay Attention to Our Annotated Bibliography Sample

Alvarez-del, A. D., Monge, S., Azcoaga, A., Rio, I., Hernando, V., Gonzalez, C., Alejos, B., Caro, A. M., Perez-Cachafeiro, S., Ramirez-Rubio, O., Bolumar, F., Noori, T., & Del, A. J. (2013). HIV testing and counselling for migrant populations living in high-income countries: a systematic review. European Journal of Public Health, 23(6): 1039 – 1045.

The main aim of this article is to emphasize on the problem of HIV spreading among the migrant populations in high-income countries. The authors have analyzed the problem of HIV-testing and its importance for the opportune revealing of the serious diseases. According to their results, the percent of injured population remains high and continues to increase. Such a situation is caused by the lack of proper knowledge and accessible testing and diagnosing. 

The intended audience is healthcare students, scientific community and researchers in the field of medicine. The authors have applied to the methods of literature review and content analysis in order to get the appropriate data. The main achievement of the article consists in the investigation of cultural, economic and social factors, contributing to the spreading of HIV among the migrant populations. 

The authors conclude that there is a need to provide all migrant populations with the opportune and effective HIV-testing in order to prevent the spreading of the disease. Moreover, the article emphasizes on the necessity to provide the injured people with the clinical care and medicines.  In my opinion, the value of this article consists in its attempts to draw the public attention to the problem of HIV-testing and providing the migrants with the qualitative medical services. 

Wyrod, R. Masculinity and the persistence of AIDS stigma. Culture, Health & Sexuality, 13(4): 443-456.

The main purpose of this article is to provide the relevant information about the treatment of men living with AIDS. The article shows the connections between the men's experiences of AIDS stigma with the conceptions of masculinity. The author has examined the situation with AIDS treatment and the appearance of corresponding stigma, in the African countries. This article is appropriate for a broad readership and represents special value for scientific community and researches in the fields if AIDs and HIV.

The article summarizes the current data about the influence of AIDS on lives of injured people in sub-Saharan Africa. The author concludes with the suggestions how to prevent the spread of AIDS and avoid the existed stigma. I suppose that this article is valuable for the scientific investigations since it provides original information about the treatment of injured males and the consequences of AIDS experience.

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