How to Write a Unique Research Proposal

Research Proposal

A research proposal is written to make a suggestion for doing something. Your main goal is to convince readers to take your position. For example, you may need to persuade users to provide new services, improve the working conditions, adopt a solution to a particular problem, etc. You should know that there are a lot of types of proposals. Some of them are short while others are lengthy. By the way, informal letters are also considered proposals. Each work has its key features. Some of them provide major details about the analyzed issue. Others just offer to make some changes.

Below, you will find useful tips on writing a research proposal. You should follow them if you want to produce an original work.


Key Points to Consider

Your paper will be read by different people. Each of them has particular background. Readers are interested in works presenting effective solutions to different problems. However, they always want to read a clear and well-organized piece of writing that provides useful information about the analyzed subject.


You have to be well aware of the subject you are discussing. Moreover, you need to pay meticulous attention to the tone of your work. It should not be very friendly or too formal. Feel free to make offers of dealing with particular issues. However, you should not blame anyone for anything. By the way, you may apply scientific jargon, but do not overuse it. You need to remember that readers are well educated and have some knowledge about the explored issue. When producing a research proposal, you should concentrate on the discussed problem. The fact about who has created it does not matter at all. Therefore, the chief aim of the paper is to identify the problem and suggest its appropriate solution. It may be a plan or detailed procedure for doing something.


In order to write a top-notch research proposal, you need to examine the issue thoroughly. You may talk to experts, who specialize in resolving the addressed matter. Another option is to collect relevant material using books, articles, journals, websites, and other sources. When producing this academic work, you should use precise words. It will make your work clear. Do not forget to provide vivid details about the addressed issue. You should also avoid making rhetorical questions.

Paper Structure

When producing this academic work, you should make a proper format. A common research proposal is characterized by the following:

  • Catchy title
  • Coherent content
  • Bullet points within the sections of the work
  • Clear subheadings

As to structure, it consists of an introductory paragraph, main body, and conclusion.

Title of the Research Proposal

Be precise, as a title should present the central point of the paper. It should not be very long. By the way, it should not be as impressive as that of essays. A title should be centered. Do not forget to place page numbers, set appropriate margins, and apply double spacing.

Body Paragraphs

You may use bullet points if it makes your work more comprehensive. Write complete sentences. You may use asterisks, circles, numbers, etc., to mark bullet points. For example, if you have to design a new film curriculum, the bullet points will help present various movies. Take a look at the following:

  • Movies produced by students
  • Horror films directed by women
  • Top-rated international movies

Introductory Paragraph

An introduction should present such information as:

  • topic of the research proposal
  • aim of the work
  • analyzed problem
  • target audience
  • writer’s qualification
  • research results
  • used sources

Body Paragraphs

When producing the body, you should present useful material on the considered issue. Do not forget to mention the methods that have been used to conduct research.


It should summarize your research proposal logically.

You should know that common research proposals have a firm structure. However, each work has to be written in accordance with the set instructions. Moreover, the level of complexity should be also taken into consideration.

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