Fantastic Revision Tips: Wonderful Advice

Great Revision Tips

Are you looking for great essay revision help? Below, you will find a couple of suggestions that will help you review your essay properly and fix all mistakes undermining its quality.


How to Make a Thorough Essay Revision?

Step 1. Look at your essay as a whole

There is no sense in fixing the sentence if the whole paragraph will be cut later. Besides, there is no sense to work on a paragraph if the whole work should be redone. As such, we strongly recommend you begin your work from general to specific. At first, have a look at the general purpose of your essay, as well as the proper organization of your text. Do not pay much attention to small details at this stage.

If you are reviewing your paper based on your professor’s feedback, you will need to check the text for the tutor’s comments to make sure all of them are clear. Before you start revising your paper, you should clearly understand why you are doing it. Go back to your thesis statement. Since your thesis is the central idea of your essay, you need to make sure that every paragraph of your paper has a clear purpose that is related to your thesis statement. If there are any sections that are irrelevant to your essay, you should consider cutting them or revising them to make your text look clearer.

Next, you need to check your text for the logical organization of the ideas. To do this effectively, you will need to make sure each paragraph is in its place. By answering the following questions, you will be able to make the reviewing process easier:

  • Do you define the concepts and theories before using them?
  • Do you provide your audience with the necessary background information before you go into details?
  • Is each paragraph clearly related to the thesis statement suggested in your introduction?
  • Are all of your arguments developed logically?

Then, you will need to double-check if each paragraph has a topic sentence that informs the reader about its topic. After you are done with it, we highly recommend you copy and paste all of your topic sentences into a separate document in order to check whether your paper has a logical flow. If some of the topic sentences seem similar to you, you should consider merging two paragraphs into a single unit to avoid redundancy. In case the connection between the paragraphs seems unclear, you will need to include smooth transitions to improve the paper’s structure.

Finally, you will need to review your paper using your intuition. If you do not like the way your paragraphs are organized in your essay, most probably, your tutor will not like the paper’s organization as well. Therefore, you will need to think about it one more time and try to reorganize your essay in such a way to make it look brilliant.

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Step 2. Dive into each paragraph of your essay

Next, you will need to make sure each point discussed in your paragraphs is as strong as it can be. In other words, you need to ensure each sentence included in your essay is necessary and relevant.

  • Check your paper for redundancies and wordy sentences.
  • Check your paper for inconsistencies in the content. Do any of the points included in your essay contradict each other?
  • Check if all the sentences included in your paragraphs support the topic sentence.

Step 3. Polish the language of your essay

Once you are satisfied with how your essay looks like, it is time to polish it at a sentence level. In other words, you will need to make sure all of your ideas are expressed fluently and clearly. Now, it is time to be concerned about not what you are saying but how you are saying it. Make sure to condense, simplify, and clarify every sentence included in your essay making sure your target audience will clearly understand what you are trying to say.

  • Make your sentences maximally simple and understandable;
  • Cut all the unnecessary words;
  • Make sure to use appropriate transitions;
  • Fix all the typos and punctuation flaws.

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Principles of our writing services

The process of revising the papers they have just written can often be a lonely one for many writers. However, it need not be so. The following are some tips to help with revision: 

  1. It is worth remembering that the writing process is one that usually requires numerous drafts, a lot of perseverance, and endless patience.
  2. Yet, the more revision one does, the clearer, more accurate, and fluid your text should become. Try to remain detached from what you have written so that you have an open mind towards changes.
  3. Revision is a good way of helping you to think through your topic a little more, to make everything clear in your mind, and to correct errors. The revision process makes the writer dig down deep and draw out their best thoughts and ideas.
  4. Bear in mind that revision commentary from an examining committee can vary depending on the views and styles of the different members.
  5. It is a good idea to save each new draft as a separate document or print it out on a different paper color as a way of keeping track of each version.
  6. It is recommended you leave editing and word changes until the end. Begin by focusing on the organization and clarity of your text. You need plenty of stamina for revision, and even though the task might bore or tire you out, keep reminding yourself that each step is just part of the process.
  7. When your revision is complete and you are ready to submit your final draft, think about attaching a cover letter. You could use this to refer back to the comments the reader(s) previously provided and to show the revisions you have made.     
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Identify Resources for Writing and Revisions

  • Your tutor and members of an examining committee: Get clarification from these people about what they require from revisions and which points they want to see amended in your next draft.
  • Your school or college’s writing center: These centers usually provide external resources to help with revision tasks.
  • School or college writing committees or groups: Join any writing or editing groups that currently exist or set up a group of your own.
  • A peer or fellow student: Swap work with fellow students with a view to providing feedback to each other as you go along.

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