Short Essay Writing: Tips on Easy Writing

Short Essay Writing: Tips on Easy Writing

What Is Short Essay? 

One of the main things that define short essay is its size. The idea of this paper type is to make students express their ideas in a clear manner within a limited word count. The word range is usually between 200 and 500 words. It is clear that you cannot provide too many headings and subheadings within such a small word count. As a result, such paper usually consists of 3 paragraphs. 

The complexity of the paper lies in the fact that you may find a huge amount of information related to your topic. Still, your task is to choose the most relevant and appropriate information to use in your paper. Consequently, the writing process requires attention and focus on the most important details. The writer, in this case, is required to use his skills of sorting and filtering data to complete the task properly. 

Our article will provide you with useful information on short essays writing. 


Writing Short Essays

There are no clear instructions regarding how to write this essay type. It is rather a literary genre and the process depends on the approach chosen by the writer, as well as particular instructions provided by the professor. Still, the writing process can be characterized by a few steps that form some sort of a universal approach to writing academic papers. 

  • Topic selection. 

It is clear that an essay should be based on some issue, which is the topic of the paper. Try to choose topic that is interesting for you and that may be interesting for the readers. Make it narrow as you will have to discuss it shortly. 

  • Collect information. 

After the topic was chosen, you need to look for different sources that help cover it properly.

  • Preparation.

Do not start writing right away. Start from preparing an outline of your essay. It will help you write a well-structured and properly organized paper. 

  • Writing stage.

Try to be as clear as possible talking about the issue under discussion. After you finish writing, make sure you use some time to proofread it and correct possible mistakes. 

Main Part of Essay

The other way to answer the question: what is a short essay? is to discuss its main parts.


It is the first and one of the most parts of the essay. Basically, it is a brief discussion of paper’s main idea without discussion its main details. It is an introduction of your topic that should end with a clear thesis. The main task of this paper part is to make the readers understand what the paper will be about and explain the topic by providing attention grabber. This aim can be reached using different methods. For example, you can use some quote or a shocking fact. The introduction usually culminates with the thesis, which is all your paper in one sentence.

Thesis is a crucial part of the paper as it sets tone not only to what your paper will discuss but also how it will look. Very often, thesis contains main parts of the argument, which are later discussed in the main body. Thesis helps a writer organize paper properly and make the writing process easy. Introduction should be paid close attention to as the quality of this essay part may influence the decision of the reader to keep reading your paper or refuse from it. 

Main Body

Main body provide more detailed description of your paper’s main ideas. It explains the topic and thesis in a more detailed manner. The main aim of this part is to cover the topic fully and support the information with reliable evidences. Here you will use facts, quotes, etc. that will make your argument stronger. Be specific in this part and make sure each paragraph of your short essay follows the outline prepared earlier. Also, you should provide the information in a logical and cohesive manner. It will make your paper look professional and your readers will be able to understand your point better. Transition sentences is a good way to make a good connection between different paragraphs. 

In order not to confuse the readers, provide one idea per paragraph. Considering the small size of the paper, it is extremely important to focus on the strongest facts and make the argument concise. It is possible to develop well-written paragraphs by following these steps:

  1. Be specific without providing excessive explanation to the ideas that do not require it. Do not use too complex structures and too long sentences.
  2. Learn the opposing views in regard to your topic. It will help you understand what areas need to be focused on. 
  3. Make sure the information is connected in a logical manner. Do not jump from point to point to avoid confusion. 
  4. Start discussing the points of your essay from the strongest ones to the weakest ones. 

If you organize your main body in such way, you will reach the desired result and will be able to deliver your message to the readers effectively. Only a well-organized paper will help you convince the readers in that your position is correct. Still, high quality essay requires proper preparation, which is often ignored by many writers. Do not skip the outline writing stage, as it will save you much time during writing process. 


The final component of your essay is conclusion. The main task of this part if to restate the thesis statement and summarize the key points used to support main idea. Discuss the main ideas of the papers briefly just to remind the readers the key points from the main body. 

After all the parts are done, dedicate some time to polishing your paper. It can be done by proofreading it for errors both in grammar and syntax. You can also check it for coherence. If you think that some parts do not sound very convincing or if you think that you can add better examples, you should do it now. Read your paper aloud and make sure what you read makes sense. Avoid over-editing your work, as you can ruin it. 

Now you know basic rules of short essay writing. Still, it is important to remember that your task is to deliver your message to the readers. Your essay is a tool to do it. So, use sufficient time to prepare for writing and you will easily succeed. 

Write Your Short Essays Easily

There are different ways to write your essay. You can do it without looking for additional information. On the same note, you can look for short essay examples online to learn how to write them. However, there is one more way to get a paper you need. This way is to ask for a professional writing assistance! 

You have already read the basic tips on essay writing in the article above. They helped you understand what a short essay is and answered some of your question, as, for example: how long is a short essay?

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Read Our Free Short Argumentative Essay Sample

An argument is a very important part that determines the position of somebody pertaining to a particular issue. It is through arguments that authors are able to convince the readers on whatever point that is articulated in their works. During the statement of a position, an argument is used to provide justification and therefore it is a clear indication of where an individual lies concerning a certain phenomenon. Arguments have to be stated in a systematic manner for them to have the sense of logic. Without logic in an argument, the meaning becomes distorted. A good argument when writing is constructed with clear premises and a conclusion. It is on the basis of the premises stated that a conclusion is derived in an argument. 

In the course of arguing, it is fundamental to state the purpose clearly to the readers. Any written work without a purpose can turn to be irrelevant because it is not directed towards anybody. It is within the purpose that the argument is directed to a particular audience. An argument that lacks audience becomes irrelevant to everyone and therefore should not be encouraged in argumentative writing. It is through the statement of the purpose in an essay that the issue of audience comes in. Therefore during the writing of an argument, purpose and audience must follow one another in a logical manner so as to maintain the sense of meaning and relevance in that written piece of work. The position of the author comes out clearly in a well written argumentative essay because it is directed towards a particular audience and has the sense of purpose. These two important things are important because they capture the attention of the audience and hence they make it interesting to read the essay further. In conclusion, purpose and audience are fundamental aspects that should never be overlooked in an argumentative essay.

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