Useful Personal Essay Writing Guide

Writing Your Personal Essay

As you are getting ready to go to college, you may need to write a strong personal essay. This is rightly considered as one of the most difficult aspects of your application. You will have to devote much of your time and talent to develop a coherent personal essay that incorporates all components of effective essay writing.


Effective Personal Essay Writing Guide to Keep in Mind

Brainstorming Is Critical

It is always difficult to start. However, once you are on the ride, it will take you just a couple of hours to produce an outstanding paper. Think of how important it is for you to earn this degree. Moreover, consider the effects it will have on your future career.

This way, you will have greater motivation to start writing your essay as early as you can. Take your time. Sit down and stand up. Walk away and get back to continue. Write and rewrite your paper, as many times as needed, until you are sure that it is perfect. You have to be objective and accurate reflecting on your strongest and weakest sides.

Do Not Deviate from Your Topic

You may have so many ideas about your personal essay that they simply will not fit the small size of the paper required from you. This is why it is so important for you to keep to a single topic and expand on it in the body of your personal essay. If you include any other ideas or themes, they should also be related to your topic. Do not be redundant or wordy. Your personal essay is small enough to motivate you to be concise and thorough in your writing.

Write a Draft

Begin with an outline. When it is ready, you can start writing the first draft of your paper. Determine the central idea. Organize your evidence around the core themes. Divide the information you have into paragraphs, each devoted to the discussion of a single idea. As you are working on your first draft, your grammar and style are of secondary importance. You will still have some time to refine and edit your paper. At present, your main task is to write a rich and interesting paper.

When you are done with the first draft, you can review all ideas you have discussed in your paper. See if this is everything you wanted to tell your audience.

Next Drafts

Now it is time to review the initial draft. Read it thoroughly and with a critical eye. If you were a member of the admissions committee, would you be fascinated with what you read? Do you see any logical flaws in your argument? Do you feel that you could be more down-to-earth in your judgments?

When you are sure that it is the personal essay of your dream, ask someone else to read through it. It is always great to have someone cast a critical eye on your paper. This way, you can see it from a new perspective. You may have missed some slight inconsistencies or errors, which will not allow you to achieve the intended result. You can even find someone professional online. Just do not hesitate to ask for help!

Submit Your Paper

Finally, you are ready to beat the academic competition with your exclusive personal essay. It is your time to become a student, so good luck on your way to happiness!

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