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Writing an Exploratory Essay + Example

If your teacher asks you to produce an exploratory paper, you should not take it as a challenge. Rather, take it as an opportunity to show your knowledge and commitment to learning. However, stay unbiased and objective in your claims.

Your exploratory essay is a unique space for a deep analysis of the most interesting ideas. You are expected to research your topic in detail. Remember when was the last time you read something great in The New Yorker? That is it. Use it as guidance and an example for your own essay.


How Do You Start? Your Exploratory Essay Should Meet the Following Requirements

  1. Begin with an introduction. You must specify the purpose and intent of your exploratory paper. Be sure to elaborate upon the mission you plan to accomplish in your work. 
  2. Provide your reader with as much information as you can to analyze the context and setting for your topic.
  3. Develop a compelling thesis statement that will help your reader understand the significance and value of your point. It will also guide your reader through your entire essay.
  4. Capture your reader's attention. Communicate with your reader. Tell your reader what you plan to do or find out in your paper.

Of course, it is always better to look at a perfect example of an exploratory essay, before you start writing your own paper.

A Classy Exploratory Essay Example

Imagine that your task is to produce an outstanding exploratory essay on climate change and its effects on U.S. military. You will begin with an introduction, where you will tell your reader why climate change may have any effects on U.S. military.

Then, you will specify a position you plan to defend in your story. For example, are going to simply explore the effects of climate change in U.S. military or you also want to persuade the public that such effects are relevant, feasible, and realistic?Expand upon the key points and provide a detailed review of the effects climate change has recently had on U.S. military professionals and their activities. This way, you will create a better context for the analysis of your topic. Now that you have specified all possible effects of climate change on U.S. military officials, you will elaborate on each of them, point by point. Be objective, sharing your findings with the reader.

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What Is It All About?

The hidden intent of any exploratory essay is that it will help you expand your knowledge frontiers. It will also give you a deeper insight into the topic of your choice. As you are working on your exploratory essay, do not hesitate to go deeper into the subject and discover new things. You may uncover things and meanings you could never imagine to have existed in this world. As always, use this exploratory essay as an opportunity. Grow, develop, and refine your knowledge and skills with the help of exploratory essay writing.

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