How to Write a Top Deductive Essay

Writing a Deductive Essay

If you need to write a deductive essay, then you know how difficult it can be. However, most students cannot avoid the task to write deductive academic essays. Their purpose is to analyze how well the student has understood the knowledge and learning provided during the course.

Overall, deductive essays imply the use of some case scenario, which should be analyzed to produce a coherent and feasible solution. In most cases, such scenarios also imply that some resources are either missing or limited.


Therefore, students are expected to be particularly creative in their analysis of the given situation. At times, students are allowed to make assumptions. At other times, such assumptions can be misleading. Still, in all situations, your deductive essay must include several mandatory components. These include the situation, the analysis of evidence, and conclusion.

Speaking about the situation, it usually involves a statement of the most obvious things. However, it can be highly misleading, so be cautious with your assumptions and judgments. Do not read between the lines. Ground your conclusions on your observations and a critical analysis of the issue. See this simple example:

  • Situation – A+ students are happy.
  • Evidence – Jane is an A+ student.
  • Conclusion – Jane is happy.

Of course, your deductive tasks will be much more challenging than the example provided. Your professor will use your deductive essay to see how much you have learned during the course and how well you can apply that knowledge in practice situations. Deductive essay writing is based on your analytical and critical thinking skills. A good deductive essay is that, which shows your understanding of the topic, subject, and question. Also, do not forget that in most assignments, you will be asked to propose a solution and justify its relevance. Oftentimes, professors will grade your deductive essay, based on the solution you offer and how well you defend its effectiveness.

To put it simply, a deductive essay is not simply about considering and evaluating the situation you see in a case study. It is more about you being a detective or a spy. You will have to look far beyond the words you read in the case study. You will have to derive adequate, credible, and provable conclusions. Prove your point. Are you sure that Jane is happy simply because she is an A+ student? Did you consider all circumstances of the case? Be more critical and thorough in your judgments. Do not take any new information for granted.

If you want to earn an A with your paper, you will have to defend your position and prove every point included in your work. Each new paragraph should be devoted to a separate point or topic, so that your readers do not feel confused or lost. At the same time, do not deviate from the topic and do not include irrelevant information just to make it for the required word count. Include strong evidence to persuade the reader that your solution and proposition are the best.

Peculiarities of the Deductive Writing Style

One of the ways to evaluate the students’ level of knowledge in a number of subjects is to ask them to demonstrate their deductive writing style.

This type of reasoning used the concept of premises, clues or circumstances out of which it is possible to draw a corresponding assumption. It means that if a student gets sufficient information, he or she can do the identification or solving of a certain puzzle.

Typically, there are a number of deductive factors weighed against the available facts and knowledge to draw a reasonable conclusion. Deductive reasoning has three constituent parts: premise, evidence, and conclusion.

The premise can be referred to as a fundamental belief or a fact used as for coming up with conclusions. An argument can contain more than one premise. The evidence is the available information, for instance a novel under analysis or a phenomenon under observation. The conclusion is the summary of the analysis grounded on a combination of premises and evidence in proper balance.

Let us have a look atone more example of the deductive writing style:

  • Premise: all pigeons are birds
  • Evidence: Carl is a pigeon
  • Conclusion: Carl is a bird.

It is a simplified but accurate deductive exercise.

Being unaware of that, we apply deductive reasoning in our everyday life. For instance, in the morning you open the winder and see that that road looks wet. The interpretations of this fact can be different. It is possible to assume that a huge water truck with spray has just gone by and made the street wet. It is less likely, but you can assume that the water has appeared out of the ground for some natural reasons. However, the first thought you will have is about rain. Why? You you are your assumptions on your previous observations and life experience. The most logical assumption typical of the deductive writing style and reasoning is that it has been raining and the street is wet now. Although there can be some less likely reasons, the assumption of rain is the most reasonable.

However, in case you could be 100 % positive that it is a dry season or if you have read the news about a new program of early morning cleaning, you would have a different assumption. Thus, according to the rules of deductive reasoning, one takes the most likely option, which, nevertheless, can be false. The most common areas for deductive thinking are medicine, science, police work, law, and investigations. It may sound funny but literary analysis is on the list as well.

A perfect deductive essay should have a focus on a definite aspect in each paragraph with supportive details and vivid examples. A strong conclusion should be supported with good evidence.

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Examples of Topics for the Deductive Papers

  • Habit versus Love;
  • Communism versus monarchy;
  • Immigration issues and freedom;
  • Lies versus Truth.

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