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Rhetorical Analysis


Weight loss is an intentional or intentional reduction of a body’s mass. Body mass can be reduced by loss of fluid, body fat and lean mass. Unintentional weight loss can be triggered by diseases like cancer, AIDS and stress. In this paper, we shall focus on the intentional reduction of body weight by an individual. It is 100% voluntary. Many people opt to lose their weight in order to maintain their bodies, improve their physical outlook and health. Various methods can be used to attain weight loss. These methods entail a reduction in the calories intake and an increase in exercises. Each method may concentrate on either dietary or physical activity but it is more effective to combine the two. Some people have taken drastic measures like taking diet pills and using gadgets. Most of these short-term solution do not work or last. Weight loss is a long-term process that requires patience and will power.

Most people who take the initiative to lose weight are overweight. Study shows that there has been an increase in the number of overweight and obesity cases over the last few years. Obesity and overweight happens when the amount of calories taken into the body is more than the output. Calories come mostly from fats and sugars. Their intake can be controlled. Excess calories intake increases body mass. Calories can be reduced from the body through exercises and other activities that burn calories. Being overweight increases one’s likelihood to contact diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. These diseases are serious and may cause effects like death. Being overweight also affects the person emotionally. They may have lower self esteem or lose self-respect. It is important that people have a choice and the power to control their weight before it becomes dangerous. Weight loss programs guide them on what and how to do it. Weight loss is tremendously significant in reducing weight-related health risks.

LA weight loss program is one of the many weight loss centers that are in operation. It has approximately 900 locations in 48 states. At the centers, they provide their clients with a food and exercise program that guide people on how to reduce calories. LA weight loss program has a variety of flexible weight loss programs. In today’s world, time has become scarce. Providing a flexible option helps them continue with their lives as normally as possible. They can follow on the program in their free time.

LA weight loss program has divided its program into three significant stages. The initial stage is the weight loss stage involves a meal plan, exercises and regular meetings with a counselor. The sole aim of this stage is to bring a six gradual weight loss. After the weight loss, is a six weeks stage called stabilization period. It involves meeting with counselor, weigh-ins and reviews. The last stage is a weekly counseling session called maintenance period. These sessions are follow ups to help one to maintain their weight loss.


To appear credible, the website has clearly strived to appear good intentioned. They swear by their mission to help people lose weight. They have published highly emotional stories told by people who have gone through the program. The content contains successful encouraging and moving personal journeys of different individuals. Some of these stories are unbelievable experiences of people in their journey to lose weight. Some weight loss magnitude is huge. It encourages starters that no matter how much they weigh, they can reduce it to what they want. It uses other people to persuade the customers. They have published the influential testimonials from the client’s point of view. People will tend to believe their own kind more.


The target audience is overweight and obese people. These people come from all races. Their age and occupations vary too. That is why their program is flexible to fit into their schedules. The amount of money is not indicated. This omission is dealt with by implying that the program is affordable. There has been a relationship between the cheap foods and obesity. These fast foods are more common with people struggling with their expenditure. The website addresses the audience formally and informally where necessary.

The name LA weight loss is self explanatory. The fact that the audience started reading more about it means that they are willing to lose weight. The website takes advantage of this obvious fact. In the explanations, it starts by letting the reader know that they know he or she wants change. The website draws in people more by explaining how interesting their weight loss program is. People have started programs like in a gym but quit. Most quitters claim that they found it is too rigid and inflexible. Everyone wants to have some fun in all they do. Usually, losing weight involves enormous lifestyle changes. Change is inevitable but people do not welcome change with open arms. When advised to change their lifestyle, people rebel. The website argues that they have designed an effective program that allows them to live freely and lose weight. Also, the website details that the program contains a variety to choose from. It states how pocket friendly it is. Sometimes, low budget is associated with low quality. The website insists that their diet system menu plan works. These simple advantages pull in and keep more people into the program

It promises someone help in making the decision. The website promises to see them to the end after they make the decision. LA weight loss program has a transmetabolic factor that tamper with one’s appetite. This reduces their appetite and the amount of food they consume. It also boosts their energy throughout the day. Most people gain weight because they cannot control their appetite. They cannot say no to their cravings. The website claims that the weight loss menu plan is safe and natural. It contains a balanced diet rich in the nutrients needed by the body. They incorporate research when formulating their program to provide safe and healthy ways of weight loss. They have come up with a plan that is not only flexible but quick. Their diet plan contains natural foods we use daily. We purchase them every day from the grocery stores and restaurants. Therefore, it is unlikely that they would be harmful to us.

In addition, the website provides weight loss tips and a free lifestyle guide to its readers. These contain information on eating habits and different dimensions of achieving the goal. They motivate and encourage the readers not to back down. They also provide a rapid results diet system. It is completely free and open to the public. The system provides daily instructions to follow. Therefore, one can check their diet on their own. The foods are divided into categories and each day assigned with the categories of food to eat. Basing their argument on research, they say supplements need to be part of a healthy diet. An online chat is unexpectedly available. People can get one on one advice and support from the comfort of their homes. These chat rooms have representatives who can talk to people about their concerns. (www.laweightloss.com)


La weight loss program is divided into 3 stages. Their dieting program does not put weight on calorie count but on portion sizes of food intake. Therefore, one can eat almost all types of food although they are on the diet. They have professional counselors to gather individual information. Depending on each person’s information gathered and lifestyle, this team comes up with a personal program for that individual. On top of this, they have a support counseling team take a client through the journey.

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