Public Relations Essay Topics: A Few Creative Topics on PR

Public Relations Essay Topics for College and University Students

Great List of Essay Topics

  • The influence of social media on PR4.
  • How do experts adopt and utilize inbound marketing and social public relations? 
  • Public relations essay topics on the continuous debate on what is meant by public relations.
  • Employee generated content (EGC) and the role of internal communication in public relations.

  • Are the public relations disrupted by mobile?
  • How is it possible to monitor and measure PR? How can return on investment be proven?
  • The process of PR agency model development. What kind of future will businesses face?
  • Essay about public relations about PESO model (paid, earned, shared, owned) as the integrated media. 
  • How have professions in the public relations sphere evolved? What about the skillsets required? Compare and contrast the situation of nowadays and a few years ago. 
  • The role and importance of PR in the advertising of corporate images.
  • Public relation essay topics on the identification and evaluation of success of public relations management in technological sphere.
  • How to efficiently cope with crisis in the process of management mobile and social?
  • Public relations essay topics relating to the significance of CSR in the process of developing and organizing communities. 
  • What is crisis management? Investigate the role of PR in dealing with crisis. 
  • How is PR used for the promotion of organizational culture? 
  • The role of public relations in relationships between investors and the government. 
  • Explore the problem of misuse of media within the realm of public relations. 
  • Explore the role of public relations in communication role. 
  • The benefits and the role of PR in the relationship between chiefs and junior employees. Analyze the topic by providing a real-case issue/ scenario. 
  • Investigate the Nigerian presidential elections of 2015 and the attitude of Nigerians to the image of the police and their performance as reflected in the media.
  • Discuss the role of PR in the sphere of manufacturing. 
  • Explore the relevance of PR in the performance of media on the example of African elections of 2015.
  • Investigate and discuss the crisis of herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria by applying the concept of crisis management.
  • How do the public differently perceive the image of civil defense and Nigerian police on the basis of information reflected in media? 
  • The role of PR in manufacturing organizations. 
  • Discuss the principles of global communication. How can the social media impact the practical aspect of public relations?
  • Grassroots development and PR.
  • Investigate the Red Cross in Nigeria as an example of a non-commercial organization that is influenced by PR.
  • How can public relations be regarded as an instrument for bringing more awareness to eliminating cultism in the tertiary establishments of Nigeria?
  • Can motivation be regarded an effective strategy in improving the performance of the Nigerian police?
  • What role do public relations play in the development of a corporate image? 
  • Explore the case of the University of Abuja to investigate the role of PR in establishing peace. 
  • How are public relations significant in healthcare establishments? Support your argumentation with real-case examples. 
  • How do public relations form the corporate image of the army? 
  • Take an example of Alimosho local government to investigate how PR influences the local government. 
  • How can PR be used as an instrument for increasing satisfaction of the public? 
  • How have public relations strategies contributed to the gas and oil sector? Analyze the question based on specific examples. 
  • How can the local governments use the social media platforms for their own benefit? 
  • What impact do the social media platforms have on public relations?
  • Organizational sustainability and CSR. Investigate the case of GLO. 
  • Investigate the case of Chi Limited to explore and critically analyze the roles of PR in the sphere of manufacturing. 
  • Oil sector and the PR practice: Evaluate the effectiveness of PR. 
  • Can corporate social responsibility (CSR) be used as an effective PR instrument to improve relations within a community. 
  • Explore how advertising is done in non-commercial institutions (explore NACA).
  • Provide a discussion of the first bank of Nigeria PLC to analyze profitability and CSR in the banking industry of Nigeria. 
  • Analyze the case of the University of Lagos to explore the role of new media in the public opinion management. 
  • On the example of Osun state university, study the role of effective communication in the effectiveness of organization establishment. 
  • What are the ways of increasing customers’ satisfaction? What tools can be regarded effective? 
  • How can the principles of PR be implemented among political parties? 
  • The significance of PR in establishing trustworthiness between politicians and the society and building reputable image for politicians. 
  • How are women working in the government portrayed in the media? 

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  • How is terrorism depicted in social media? 
  • Can social media platforms ensure effective communication and exchange of constructive feedbacks among PR practitioners? 
  • What role does the mass media play in the performance in the sphere of PR? 
  • The impact of indigenous language on the communication process in the customer support services.
  • How have the PR programs impacted on Chi Limited, Lagos. 
  • Investigate how public relations can be used to decrease the crisis effects. 
  • The role of PR in launching new products on the market. 
  • The benefits of PR in eliminating cultural barriers in the organizational setup. 
  • Critically examine the relationship between the PR professions and journalists. 
  • Choose a PR agency and explore its design, content, competence, objectives, and the overall focus. 
  • Personal grooming and its relation to the history of PR. 
  • Investigate the significance, methods, and activities of PR. 
  • The connection between establishing good public relations and development of an effective company’s image. 
  • Explore the concept of propaganda within the realm of PR. 
  • Are public relations used merely to present a favorable image of a company or organization? Investigate the case. 

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