Guide on How to Write a Perfect Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay

Definition of Persuasive Essay

In order to understand how to write a perfect persuasive essay, it is important to understand what kind of paper it is and what “persuasive essay” means. Generally, persuasive or argument essay is understood as a paper used to prove that some idea is more logical and correct than the other one. The main aim of this paper is to convince the readers to take your point and agree to it by providing facts, examples, logical reasons, etc. 

A good persuasive essay is that, which uses solid argumentation to prove a certain point. That is, as you are writing a persuasive paper, your main task is to prove that your opinion is better than that of other people. You have to be compelling and reasonable to persuade your readers to assume your perspective and stance. Make sure that you use a lot of credible evidence to substantiate your position.


Writing a Persuasive Essay

The first thing to do is taking a position. What is it that you think or feel about the problem? Do think that your position is prejudiced? What evidence can you use to prove your point? Who is your audience? You will have to decide whom you are going to target in your paper. See if you can think outside the box and predict the reaction of your target audience to your argumentation. Explore the topic in detail. You have to know your topic inside out to be able to develop a compelling argument. Use library databases to find the most credible evidence and use it in your paper.

Structure your essay appropriately

Develop a comprehensive and cohesive structure for your paper. Choose the most persuasive evidence for each point in your outline.

Do not forget to use evidence. Rely on facts. Ignore subjective and biased information. Whenever you use data from an outside source, do not forget to reference and cite it appropriately. This way, you will easily avoid the mere risks of plagiarism. Also, use extensive data from credible sources. Do not ignore the importance of direct quotes. Cite expert opinions to persuade your audience that your position is worth considering.

Organizing Your Persuasive Essay

The introduction. Begin with an introductory passage, which will certainly include an attention getter and a strong thesis statement.

The body. In the body of your paper, include several paragraphs, each tied to your thesis. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence. Make sure that each paragraph is devoted to the analysis of one point or topic. Do not forget to consider opposing arguments and refute them effectively.

The conclusion. In your conclusion, summarize the key points of your paper and review everything you have said in the body of your work.

Take Your Time

You do not need to hurry, if you want to write a top-notch persuasive essay. Once you are done with the initial draft of your paper, take a break. Review your paper within a couple of days. Do you see any logical flaws? Do you like what you read? Do you sound compelling? Do you have enough evidence to back up your claims? The answers to these questions will help you improve and refine your persuasive essay, before you present it to the audience.

Great Persuasive Essay Example

For many activists and users of Marijuana, there are no negative effects of using the drug. For this reason, we have had various activists and users of Marijuana advocating for the legalization of the otherwise illegal drug in the United States. Nevertheless, there are multifarious negative implications of using the drug. Knowledge of such serious effects that may arise to the users of the drug is very helpful as it helps the users realize the impacts of using the drug (Mozes, 2009). As a mater of fact, the drug has very serious effects on the lungs, brain as well as the heart. In view of the many dangerous effects that occur to Marijuana users, it is vital that all those who use the drug stop as continued use is at the detriment of their own health.  

The use of Marijuana is illegal in the United States due to several reasons (Edelson, 2001). First, the effects of the drug are so sudden that the very moment a person uses it they get high and the effects can last for up to more than three hours. There are various short term and long term effects of using Marijuana. Short term effects include memory troubles, exaggerated sensual system, poor thinking ability as well as inability to make decisions. Coordination of the motor and raised heart rate as well as anxiety are all short term effects. In the long run, the use can cause cancer (FitzGerald, 2009). The illegality of Marijuana springs from the fact that it comes from the hemp plant known as cannabis sativa. THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is highly present in Marijuana. THC has serious effects on the brain. As such, the government aims at protecting the life of the citizens from the bad effects of Marijuana by declaring it illegal. In conclusion, there are multifarious negative impacts associated with the use of Marijuana. It is prudent that those already using it to stop immediately before the negative impacts strike on them. For those who have not begun using it, they should never dare doing so as doing so will be detrimental on their health.   


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