Is Gun Control Likely to Reduce Violent Killings?

The problem of gun spread is both genuine and alarming as long as the contemporary world suffers from violent killings. The current paper is a reflection of the personal evaluation of the connection between gun control and criminal homicides. The object of the discussion is whether such policies are capable of eliminating the criminal acts, since there is much evidence that the world does not enhance gun control, as mass killings continue. Even most recently, Paris has suffered from terrorist attacks, which have put the whole world in shock and grieving.

The problem of the modern society is that it does not think that the availability of weapon will turn the world into a dangerous place for living. In particular, guns lead to violence and contribute to the spread of mass murder, and the lack of gun control does not assist in preventing it. Overall, terror arises from the active usage of firearms penetrating the society according to the permission of the government; thus, the only solution that can bring its downfall is a significant reduction of gun usage, especially in public places. Moreover, it is necessary to take immediate actions against the killings through increasing measures of gun control. The following analysis discusses the consequences, provides the explanation of reasons defining a gun spread as a problem, a counter argument, and solutions to the issue.


Guns as a Problem of the Society

There is a direct connection between the gun use and violence, as a weapon is equal to aggressiveness, cruelty, and uncontrollable behavior. That is because the one who takes the firearm in their hands imagine they have the power to rule the world, and such abilities have some common ways to be exploited. Therefore, the weapon usage should be limited to those who are able to restrain the wishes within them. At this point, gun spread is a primary problem, which worries the contemporary society and indicates a need to find an appropriate solution in order to provide the future generation with a safe environment. In general, there are many reasons, which indicate that the weapon should always be under a total control, some of which will be further analyzed.

First, America suffers from mass killings due to the spread of gun use. It is a problem, which not only takes away the lives of thousands of people on the annual basis, but also causes a significant damage to the budget and the economy of the country. As a result, on police investigations and medical injuries, America has to waste millions of dollars, which could have been spent on the development of healthcare, education, or employment. Hence, weapon spread is a destructive force in the promotion of the next generation’s welfare and sustainability.

Second, firearms represent a significant threat to the overall development of the nation not only in the aspect of healthcare, but also in the aspect of opportunities for personal evolution. Accordingly, if the excessive amount of guns continues to penetrate the society, there will be no need in education and employment at all. It will not happen at once, but the earliest stages of the society’s transformation can be visible today. For example, people will start thinking that violence can solve any problem, which will remove the need in taking care of personal education and self-improvement. Therefore, guns will set the new boundaries of justice and control, creating anarchy as the only source of power. The statistics and evidence of mass killings are alarming, which should encourage the whole world to think about additional controlling measures. Otherwise, it is most likely that violence along with firearms will damage the social welfare, as in the current state of America, where the legislative system has flexible laws that allow criminals to navigate through permissions of gun usage and continue abusive activity leading to deathly consequences.

The most obvious reasons for increasing the gun control are real life cases, which indicate that there is a strong need to solve the problem of the firearm spread. In general, the most common cases of violence in America include guns. For instance, Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old student, went on the shooting rampage, which resulted in seven deaths, including the murderer himself (Cornell, 2014). The case is not the only one in the database of the FBI, since it is a typical example of gun abuse leading to lethal results. Therefore, it is one of the primary indicators, which proves the necessity of a strict surveillance over the public safety. Another reason, which serves to show that firearms result in deaths in the international arena, is criminal activity in Mexico (Morris, 2015). Consequently, as long as the law in Mexico does not allow selling guns on its territory, citizens find a source of firearms in America, thus, making it an accomplice in the destruction of the lives of thousands of people annually. Finally, the one of the worst proofs of gun threat is a terror in Paris, where over a hundred of people were killed in seven different public places at once (Zavis, 2015). Terrorist attack also wounded hundreds of those who could not believe in terror in the center of Paris, forcing a tragedy that put the whole world in grief.

Counter Argument

On the contrary, it may seem that the spread of guns and flexible laws are not the primary sources of violence and criminal homicides. It is possible to support the counter argument point of the discussion by putting a special emphasis on the mental state of every citizen. Since a mind is the only motivator to conduct a crime, if a person is mentally and emotionally unstable, it is most likely that their behavior will have a reflection of the same unpredictable consequences. In addition, murderers are known to have an emotionally volatile character, which causes abusive thoughts and plans leading to criminal activity. Many social critics doubt that guns play a major role in shaping the rate of wrongful behavior by pointing at the psychological state of every particular offender. Subsequently, most of them tend to follow ideologies, which aim to ruin lives of millions of other people based on revenge. Nevertheless, there is still a need to point that without the assistance of the USA in the provision of the necessary tools the levels of violence and casualties would be significantly decreased.


To start with, it is necessary to pay attention to the corrections to the existing laws in the USA. Citizens should not have a permit to take guns to public places including airports, schools, universities, malls, churches, hospitals, and courts (Zimring, 2004). It should be illegal to carry even allowable firearms in public places, which should become one of the keys to the reduction of crime. In addition, emotionally non-balanced citizens should have no permission to obtain or carry the weapon. Further, there is a need to increase the list of banned guns: grenades, handguns, automatic guns, and other weapons should not be permitted for use (Zimring, 2004). Moreover, lessons at schools and lectures in universities should be introduced to dedicate the attention to the problem of gun violence. The rising generation should be aware of its threatening influence on the social welfare. Therefore, strict laws and overall social awareness should be helpful in reduction of crime rate and lethal cases in general. In addition, the USA should become an example proving that it is possible to live in peace and freedom, as it is claimed in the history of the nation. Otherwise, chaos and anarchy would be overwhelming not only the USA, but would be transported to the whole world with an active distribution of firearms. The proposed solutions will serve effectively to produce a likely change in the course of the history, given the country takes care of a complex approach towards their implementation.


The USA is a country that suffers from gun abuse the most. An annual increase in deaths because of mass killings indicates that there is a necessity of an improvement in the current legislative system regulating the national safety. Firearms should not exist within the peaceful society, which should be aware of the fact that criminal activity is one of the most threatening forces. That is the only way to ensure that the next generation receives a safe and unaggressive place to live and continue national development. Moreover, the USA authorities should strive to reduce the rate of mass killings and gun abuse, as it leads as an example, which shows children that it is not safe to live in the country where guns are common goods. The discussed problem has enough reasons to motivate the government to take action immediately in order to save lives of its people. It is impossible to predict when the spread of guns will exploit an uncontrollable force leading to anarchy: therefore, it is necessary to act and implement control today in order to promote the violence-free well-being of the next generation.

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