Homelessness in America

Homelessness refers to the condition of not having a permanent home or a place to call home. There are many people who do not have homes. They spend their nights in emergency centers, schools, religious buildings, and streets. They do their work during the day and rest in pathetic places as they do not have homes homeless is an economic issue that affects many people in America. The greatest cause of homelessness is poverty and high housing rates. Most of the lower class and middle class cannot afford houses. The houses are costly, and the people cannot afford them. Also, there are high levels of unemployment in America. Most of the young people are unemployed. Those who are employed earn a little salary that is not enough. They use the money to buy food and are left with no option but to be homeless. Also, there are many people who are mentally ill. Their families neglect them as they do not have the means to take care of them. In fact, poverty levels are the greatest causes of homelessness there are many people in America who are rich. The gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen. Consequently, more people continue to be homeless in America. In America, an individual is either rich or poor. The upper class owns means of production, and they are the ones who have land. They have constructed high-class residential houses for people to rent. Unfortunately, not everyone in the country can affo9rd to pay the luxurious houses. Therefore, people suffer from homelessness. This paper describes homelessness and how it has affected the US economy. It also describes the strategies that the government is using to reduce homelessness. The paper gives an explanation of other strategies that can be used to reduce the number of homeless people in the world.


Homelessness is affecting the US economy negatively. Firstly, it increases crime rate in the streets. The homeless are at risk as they do not have a roof over their heads. Consequently, robbers and thugs take advantage of the situation. They come and rob the homeless the little that they have. This leaves them with nothing for survival. The increase in crime affects the economy. The people who are affected by theft can no longer support the growth of the economy. They have to start afresh not knowing when the thugs will return to take away their equipment. Secondly, the homeless are vulnerable to sickness. The cold weather makes them sick occasionally. They are also stressed and have mental disorders. They are also exposed to rape cases and other health concerns. These people go to the government hospitals as they cannot afford private attention. The government uses a lot of money in the health ministry. The government can use the money to do other things if the number of sick homeless reduces.

The US government understands the harm that homeless is doing to the economy. Therefore, there are strategies to reduce homelessness. Firstly, the governed is trying to subsidize housing. Even if this plan has not been fully implemented, the government has plans to subsidize the housing. It will pay some money to the landowners so that they can reduce the rent. Consequently, the middle and lower calluses will be in a position to have homes. The subsidiary will not only benefit the homeless people but also the landowners. They will be paid on a monthly basis even if some of their houses are vacant. Consequently, there will be no complaints from the high class who own the factors of production. The plan will reduce the homes in the streets. Consequently, the money that the government uses to curb crime and health issues resulting from homelessness will be used in other development activities. The government has been building residential houses for the poor. They are only supposed to pay some little money for registration. Furthermore, they do not have to pay the money immediately. They are given the houses and should pay a little amount per month. Thus, they get somewhere to call home and stop being homeless. Secondly, the government is trying to reduce unemployment rates. The unemployed people cannot pay for houses. The government has introduced youth funds to ensure that the young people have capital to start businesses. The money has low and sometimes no interest rates. If the young people start businesses, they will have money to pay for their houses. They will not spend the nights in schools and emergency centers.

The homelessness issue requires the entire community to work together. I would campaign to make the society assist the homeless. I would conduct public awareness on homelessness and its impacts on the society and the economy. The public has the will to help brothers and sisters who are in trouble. I would use the homeless families to explain what they go through during the night. Consequently, I would urge the public to support the homeless. I would open an account where they will give their contribution. The contribution would be used to build houses for the homeless. I would not charge them any money because the construction would be funded by the public. Similarly, I would look for donors from different parts of the world to contribute towards the project. Then I would encourage the homeless to register. Only the homeless will be considered. I would conduct the registration and ensure that only those who genuinely have no homes benefit from the program. Secondly, there is the need to reduce mental stress among the people. Most of the people who are homeless have mental disorders. They give up with life and have nowhere to go. Their family members neglect them, and this makes them go to the streets. In this case, there is an urgent need to assist the mentally ill get treatment and go back to their homes. I would start to campaign for the rights of the mentally ill. They are human beings like us, and they deserve proper treatment. I would educate the public on the importance of treating them with care. I would talk to families to take back their people and take them to the hospital. Some people only have mild mental disorders that can be treated easily. If the entails ill are removed from the streets, the homelessness impacts will reduce.

In conclusion, homelessness has greatly affected the US economy. The government uses a lot of money to curb criminal activities that result from homelessness. Those whose property is stolen cannot be productive. They use every coin trying to build the life again after what they have is taken by robbers. The homeless become sick because they live in a vulnerable environment. The government has to pay for their treatment. If the government implements its plan effectively as discussed in this paper, the number of homeless people will reduce. Empowering the young people will also give them money to pay for houses. Additionally, involving the public in reducing homelessness is a good strategy. The public has the will to help if it is educated on what should be done and how. The public can assist reduce the number of the homeless and prevent homelessness in future.

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