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Introduction on the organization and the section

ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company) presents a great interest being actualized in the frameworks of this individual project. The company is aimed on delivering profits from cooperating in the Dubai centered oil sector. The area of specialization covers the wide range of opportunities for 6,000 employees that have been working out the contemporary business strategies within the multinational team of co-workers. Apart from the United Arab Emirates, ENOC has been growing and developing their business initiatives in the worldwide frameworks, including London and Singapore. They cooperate in environmental protection initiates and trading with British Petroleum. Refining, shipping, storage, chemicals, travel, avia, education, - this list of the Dubai-centered ENOC company is far from staying complete. The company has been developing the contemporary efficient initiatives within the range of the home-based and abroad orientated educational programs that make people closer to each other by means of applying the modernized methods of intercultural communication. People from different countries and from different national and ethnical backgrounds are encouraged to work at ENOC management employee teams to stabilize the cooperative spirit of the corporation. 


Introduction on the business role

The business role of the organization is held up in its unique brands positioning. The oil business within the UAE is positioned as the most supportive one in relevance to the idea of the national treasure granted by God. Business, in this relation is positioned as the one to be supported and developed due to the dedication to religious values of the native country. 

This approach helps ENOC to develop the unique business strategy that allows them staying active with determinants in multicultural aspect. This corporation is rather national, however, the business strategy is motivated by means of positioning the company as the type of transgression model between national and multinational type of leading business. In addition, the team of leaders hired from different countries of the world has been trying to make the business flexible and responsive to different global initiatives. The flexibility and responsiveness of the business model makes the way that employees can understand the role of the company on the global stage. The business values are stated clearly and they are implemented practically with the opportunities with which it is good to stay active with demonstrating the efficacy of the type of leadership.

Introduction on the information systems of use

ENOC uses IT as the instrument that can improve business and marketing strategy in the close response to the challenges that should be activated for the benefits of socializing and providing the effective communication with partners, suppliers, distributors, retailers, etc. in a chain. It is well understandable that in relevance to the type of business, the company has chosen IT and social media marketing (SMM) to stay active in the short term and long term perspectives for the close determination of values that are good to be perceived for balance of business needs.

In this relation, ENOC uses the following informational systems (ISs) to balance their business needs in terms of high responsiveness to innovation:

  1. Computerization. This features is being used to apply the standards of “the real business value of a fully loaded personal computer operating 3 hihaherz” (Laudon & Laudon 2013, p. 89), in costs of $1,000 per each.
  2. Virtualized environment (Use the OPNET Gury server client to set up the benefits of projecting, modeling, correcting, editing the system resources).
  3. Globalization in Internet connection (using the IP controller detection, stratifying the needs, between virtualized servers, protecting from viral attacks and threats by Antivirus software, purchase the Adobe software in subscription per 70 dol. / month, etc.).
  4. Response to the challenges of privacy and effective data storage. This task can be achieved by setting up the priorities in actions and activities. The data should be stored privately and effectively for the needs of good care about protection and privacy. The secure log-ins into accounts of employees should be provided in terms of securitization the data via https protocols that may provide the benefits of correlations between stability and controversy of built-up applications.
  5. Webinar meeting work model. Webinars are effective in IS management for setting up business meetings, modeling situations, in which people can speak and vote remotely from the computer based applications within the secure environment that is accessible only for the registered users.
  6. The secure LAN connection. It can be provided and delivered by the growing tree of separate switches that are arranged all in a bulk should have the main switch that generates the work. This model has been taken from the model of work of the human brain and CNS (central nervous system) that has been operated by smaller nerves that are located in every inch of the human body. This model of IS is well traceable for the benefits of business.

Classification of the IS by ENOC

1. Virtual company model IS

The essence of the virtual company is in its generation of applications of the globality of business strategy conception. IT facilities managerial work and makes the company customer oriented on the one hand and employee oriented on the other hand. The virtualized environment of ENOC includes access to the physical facilitation of work at the dedicated server that ensures data security. For this purpose, 10 computers are being located in each managerial department, and they are being operated with the OPNET Guru server client to implement the virtualization technique to provide testing and R&D services for the incorporation of benefit approach to work.

2. E-commerce IS

E-commerce system is hardly advisable for the work of ENOC, for it is positioning itself as the oil transportation and managing company that has to deal with challenges of active communication with customers. Instead, SMM techniques can be actively used. PayPal payment system should be used in terms of the other innovative e-payment solutions, including Scrill, Google Wallet, etc. Google Maps tool can be used to provide location benefits in the layout of managerial facilities for improvements in both space and real-time. E-commerce, by the way, can help to reduce transaction costs by means of using web-based electronic payment systems. Their use, in this relation, should be examined in the future research perspectives. 

3. Data storage IS

The information that the company has been operating with should be related to digital space, when it is worth “connecting geographically remote computer into single network to create virtual supercomputer” (Laudon & Laudon 2013, p. 211). The privacy issues should be extra cared, since the customer data is to be stored carefully to avoid the need to apply other mechanisms of responsibility at the customers. The terms of data storage are to be adequately addressed, when there is a need to apply secure web-applications, IT strategies, and specific protection of the ISs in order to satisfy the needs of customers for innovations and determination of needs that should be addressed as priorities. 

4. SMM based ISs

Information systems at SMM should include special alerts that can be responsible for separation of ISs at two different conceptions of the use: 1) the quality of organizational performance; 2) the quality of the customer orientation for the benefits of organization. In each of such direction, there is a need to take a major quality at differentiating the needs of activization of the benefits that are suitable for each organizational department. For instance, Laudon & Laudon (2013) recommend flattering the organizational management by means of the reduction some layers in management. In this relation, the layout of an organization (ENOC) should be reduced in costs. 

Web-application the context of the current IS

The selection of the enterprise application would be useful, if the following criteria would be met: 

  1. Use for the business strategy;
  2. Use for the managerial team;
  3. Use in the global range at the international scale of leading the business;
  4. Use for marketing to succeed in distinguishing the roles of use, including SMM and e-commerce perspectives.

In this relation, webinar application for meetings in the real-time would be selected for ENOC. The company has recently started to use this form of work, due to the global perspectives of its business. For example, there may be a need to set up the meeting for different departments of the company that are relevant by its specialization, but located in different parts of the UAE or different geographical areas of the world. In this relation, the use would be the following: save time costs and reduce travel avia costs. Webinar application would be consistent with the overall objectives that have been stated within the mission of the company: make the team diverse and multinational, but close to each other as for the employee team. 

Select a functional IS if applicable

The functional IS would be selected based on the current modeling of virtualization technique. The use would be the following: improve the employee oriented environment and evaluate the results practically. The functionality of the data processing can be efficient due to the client OPNET that can project different switches on their use in the public space.

Assess the utilization of IS in the place

The IS can be stretched out in the virtualized space since there is a need for the organizational changes in management flattering, the growth of investment portfolio of the company, addressing the contemporary challenges in the frameworks of responding to environmental initiatives, in support of the Kyoto protocol, etc. The professional growth of each of the co-workers is proportionally dependant to the system architecture design of the IS. Its accountability may depend on reduction cots due to implementation of the IT services.

Suggestions for improvements

The most efficient technique of virtualization can result into the need to develop the virtualized environment in ENOC offices in UAE. The business strategy, in this relation, has to be worked out. The mission statement, however, will more likely to remain the same, for it addresses the benefits that the company may get from the determination of the correct values of high relevance and importance. The current web-application that is under discussion is the model that can use switches for distributing e-connection between different networks. The current IS of the company uses LAN secured network with one switch per 3 computers, - the model of IS includes 3-4 of these simple bundles. The improvement may be based on settling out the more stable IT development roles between different bundles and provide stability of internet-securitization within the current IS.


The current IS at ENOC reflects the interests of the correctly chosen business strategy. However, still the IS may be improved by the LAN technique and the optimized new version of the OPNET guru server dedicated client. The securitization of the data is the major interest of the IT department of the organization. IT has to deal with the innovative strategies of improvements at organizational performance that is of the high value in relevance to the company’s presence at the international market of crude oil. They are united with the idea of delivering the high quality products to customers all over the globe. The multinational team delivering quality services in respect to partners from London and Singapore. 

The IS used by ENOC is responsive sufficiently to be in use in the current perspectives. The need of it is understandable, for the form of webinar meetings for co-workers can be of good perspectives from the viewpoint of rationalization, democratization and equality in time management. Although these issues are quite true, it would be of the benefit for ENOC to improve efficacy of problem solving and generating effective decisions within the frameworks of care about the quality of perspectives that are on the rise. Web application can work alternatively with virtualization. This can help to resolve problems of lack of effective communication in terms of misunderstandings, conflict evolvement and other problems with setting up the organizational performance. ENOC is effective in training managers as effective leaders, but in perspectives they will be granted with even more effective mechanisms of decision making that can be driven from IT solutions.


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