Disaster Recovery Theories and Strategies

  1. List hardware/software and RTOs and RPOs indicated 

The following comprises a list of hardware or software and RTOs or RPOs to be used by the ABC Corporation under the Jacksonville Regional Operations. 


  1. Choose the technology strategy(ies) and document the name of the strategy 

The most favorable strategy to be adopted by Jacksonville operations will be to use a balanced scorecard strategy map. The strategy plan will be supported by a hot site system strategy.

  1. How the strategy will work

The ABC Corporation is a company that handles a big number of people across the different regions as it is carrying out the business under its subsidiaries. The company handles different services and has several sectors concerning the clients. The strategy established requires that the management team has a documented plan. The strategy is best suitable for the organization based on the RTOs and RPOs. The strategy offers an opportunity for a company to update its system in case of changes in any system. The changes come in technology, work expertise and expansion of the business. The hot site system enhances the recovery of data in case of any disaster occurrences. The system will support the balanced scorecard that majorly envisions changes after the occurrence of a disaster. 

Justification of the Strategy

The two systems’ main objectives are to enable the company’s subsidiary - Jacksonville Regional Operations - to maintain operations after the occurrence of any disaster, since the region is prone to frequent natural calamities. The first strategy enables the company to take all measures in its technological field and data recovery. The strategy motivates the company to invest in the data security. Hot site technology supports the security of information. In the case of a disaster, the steps in the documented texts will be followed to increase the RTOs and RPOs within the organization. Each part of the company will be considered, and all the necessary steps will be observed as required. The indicated period of recovery points and objectives can also be reduced to shorter durations upon following the given steps and recommended personnel to any rescue steps upon occurrence of a disaster.

The Advantages of the Chosen Strategy

The use of a balanced scorecard book map strategy is advantageous to the company in many ways. The firm will be in a position to have properly established guidelines to the recovery of data. It will become clear how issues are to be handled in case of a disaster. This strategy gives room for the anticipation of any challenges that may lead to the loss of data. All such loopholes will get fixed. The hot site system cushions the book map strategy through the provision of systems that can be accessed in a given site. In such a way, the main center system will not be destroyed. Such a strategy also mandates the company to set up a rescue fund that will finance the recovery process when a calamity occurs. The tempering of information before and after a calamity strikes is minimal, as the data is stored in the permanent form.

  1. Evaluate strategies not recommended in comparison to your recommended strategy.

The recommendation of the book map renders a challenge to a company that faces minimal financial power. The strategy also requires proper managerial skills and available resources within the company. Misappropriation of funds will hinder the application if the anticipated calamity never occurs. The set up systems upon the disaster will destroy the records expected to be used if the information is not disseminated to different personnel. The strategy also requires the constant update of information based on the changes in factors in the business sector. The hot spot system, on the other hand, is prone to human errors. The strategy will only work if the proper installation is put in place.

The other systems are not recommended due to the following reasons:

  • Prone to human interference

Most strategies applied require human interference. Some require the setup of systems that will entail frequent check-ups for their proper functioning. It will be a major disadvantage in their application and will subject the company to errors. The human reliance will enhance data corruption based on malicious gains. The approach of human application mainly concerns zero RTOS and RPOs as an advantage. The book map strategy is well equipped and established for a proper recovery procedure. The possibility of human interference will be noted upon failure to adhere to the stipulated procedures.

  • The setting up of extra stations

Strategies competing against book map approach require setting up of stations that control the recovery steps. The archives to house the systems require extra man power and resources in addition to what the company will need to run its business. This approach will call for additional financial expenses to pay employees and maintain the strategy systems. Unlike book map, which is in-house, the strategy stations will require outside stations. The concern of the company is to use fewer resources to recover from a calamity. 

  • The other systems are prone to electronic vaulting

Electronic vaulting entails the copying of data through different electronic means. Some systems applying such a strategy are prone to the tempering of data in the system before and after any recovery. Some strategies face challenges concerning changes, when an electronic fault occurs. The changes will alter any sensitive information that is needed by the company after a disaster has occurred. The adaption of book map strategy will limit such interruptions. The company will be able to access the information in its original stored version and update the system.

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In conclusion, the strategy is best proposed for the company based on its subsidiary’s location. The strategy will enhance the recovery of information by putting in mind the control it has over a large population of customers. The strategy will offer all the necessary steps required by the company to relate to RTO and RTP in the region for its employees and customers. As compared to the other strategies, the book map strategy will equip the company to handle all interactions and secure all the information.  

  1. Wrap-up of analysis
  1. In the case of Jacksonville Regional Operations, we will require the following seats:

    The initial number of seats: 311

    The required seats after the one month period: 311

    The number of PCs required: 311

    The number of Desks: 311

    The number of phones: 311

  2. The work strategy.

    The recommended work strategy for the regional operations will be work mobile recovery centers.

  3. The description of the strategy.

The work strategy entails developing a custom designed transportable structure that is outfitted with the necessary telecommunication equipment. The facility will give a chance for the transportation of the equipment when a disaster occurs. The regional operation needs a side facility that will offer a second priority for the continuation of operations. The available resources can facilitate such work recovery process upon the strategy adopted. Each facility will have the resources to cushion the company in case of a disaster. In the strategy, the company will ensure the following resources are available:

  • Personal computers;
  • Laser printers;
  • Chairs;
  • Phones;
  • Tables;
  • Fax machines and copiers;
  • A reception area with a mini equipped switchboard;
  • LAN servers for office and e-mail applications.

The items will be provided by the ABC Corporation - Jacksonville Regional Operation to facilitate its quick recovery after a given disaster.

Justification for the Strategy

ABC Corporation - Jacksonville Regional Operation will benefit from the strategy when a disaster occurs due to the steps taken in the preparation. Being a program propagated by the company, it will be easier to adapt to the changes and recommendations based on the personnel used. The strategy offers a quick option to keep working, as only the site will vary. The company will have a chance to reach the customers in their respective areas based on the mobility of the approach.

Advantages of the Strategy

The strategy offers a various numbers of advantages to the company. The readily available resources to start the recovery process will offer an opportunity for the company to manage the events of the calamity. The data stored in the mobile facility offers a chance to update the given steps done before the disaster. When the company has managed to recover, the resources can be incorporated into the company’s property as a cushion for further development. The workers will be able to continue with their work when a calamity occurs in the region. To start with, the assurance will be done through the available resources. The company will also avoid spending extra on selecting the hiring services of a vendor to handle the firm’s operations.

Disadvantages of the Strategy

This strategy will offer challenges to the company during the issue of implementation. The resources will require extra finances to be managed during the preparation processes. The mobility process can be challenging, when it comes to the destruction of the infrastructure during disasters.

The other strategies are not recommended due to the following reasons:

  • The use of more financial resources

The financial support to run other work-related strategies for recovery will require extra expenses to be supported. Payments to the vendors for their services or resources will need more money for the strategy to be to sustained. 

  • Inadequate facilities

Some strategies will not offer enough facilities required to cushion the company in case of a disaster. Strategies like hot site and cold site will require contracting of a vendor to offer the resources after the disaster occurs in the company. The company may need more resources that the vendor offering the services cannot provide. The company will also require specifications of the available resources, which may be a challenge for the vendor to provide.

  • Changes and difficulties in management

The company might face challenges based on the new leadership in terms of customer relations. The contracting of offices will distract the new players in the market and raise trust issues with customers. Some customers will prefer new service providers to being served by the third party. A strategy like telework, temporary facilities onsite will be hard to manage. The workers will not be in a position to be supervised. Such disadvantages will render the mobile recovery center most suitable strategy.

In conclusion, the working strategy will manage the recovery of the company from any disaster. The chosen strategy offers a number of opportunities and disadvantages to the ABC Corporation - Jacksonville Regional Operation. When the company manages its own operation after the calamity, the customers are assured of the business’s professionalism. The company will also manage to secure its image in front of the stakeholders before going back to its proper and normal operations.

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