Growth of Adult Corrections in the United States


The growth of the adult corrections in the United States is a critical issue for the correctional administrators. This has been a persistence issues that have given the political to develop policy every year. The rising number of adult corrections is proving to be a challenge to the executive branch of the U.S government. It is a popular topic in the various forms of media that is available to the public. The growth is affecting the departmental policies of the correctional facilities. In addition to this, it affects program opportunities and the development of the budget. Although there are dramatic variations from state to state, there are clear trends that can be analyzed projecting future correctional growth. The history of the correlation facility since 1980 in the U.S is evaluated to establish the pattern of the correctional population. The impacts, as a result, of the population increase is also evaluated, and recommendation provided on probable solution to this problem.


The growth of adult correctional population in the U.S.

Correctional population consists of the offenders who are under the adult correctional systems. It includes the supervised offenders who are in the community in the authority of parole agencies as well as the ones that are confined in the custody of state, federal prisons as well as in the local jails. Variety of data collection is used in the estimation of the total correctional population. From this surveys, it is evident that there is an increase in the population of people in the correctional programs in the United States. Since 1980 to 2008, the number of individually being incarcerated in the U.S has increased from five hundred thousand in 1980 to 2.3 million. The population of the people in the correctional facilities in the U.S represents 25 % of the world's prisoners. This only represents the number of people in the prisons. Combining the people in parole supervision then 3.2 % is under some form of correctional control. However, there is a very big racial disparity in people that are in this correctional programs. According to. African Americans forms the largest population of people who are incarcerated in the U.S.

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The key factors associated with the growth pattern

The main factors attributed to an increase in the population of the prisons include the general increase in the population of the U.S. since 1980 the general population of the country has increased dramatically. This has an impact on the population of people being taken to the correctional facilities. In addition to this, great efficiency in law enforcement as well as an increase in lawlessness in a more technological society. Increase in the number of people who violate the law is another cause of the increase in the population of the correctional facilities. Sentencing some types of offenders for longer terms is the other cause of the increase in the population of the adult correctional facility. Some of the offenders that ate being convicted for this longer period include people convicted of narcotics offences and those associated with violence crimes. Change of policy is also an apparent reason for the increase in the population of the corrections. The federal correctional and sentencing policy since the early 1980s has expanded in the use of mandatory minimum penalties, increased the federalization of crime and the abolition of parole for the parole inmates.

The impact associated with this growth on corrections

The result of the increase in the population of the inmates in the corrections is a problem to the corrections facilities. Some of the problem associated with the overcrowding in prisons is the fact that in hinders effective deliverance of services to the inmates. Some of the needs of the inmates are not properly met from the fact that the population of the administrators is smaller compared to the ones of the inmates. The resources in the corrections are being overstretched, they cannot meet the needs of all the inmates. Overstretching of resources means that the correction facility will be exposing the inmates to risks because the human conditions are not observed. In an effort to deal with the limited space in the correctional facilities has resulted to poor classification of inmates in the corrections. People are now being classified in the prisons on the basis of the space available rather than on the security level and program level that are suitable for specific types of offenders. Overcrowding has resulted to tension between the members of staffs and the inmates, stress among the inmates has also being increased. In addition to this, the percentage of misconduct and victimization has also increased. Early release of the inmates who have not completed the correctional program is another effect of the overcrowding. Lastly, is the amount of money spent on these corrections, according to Benjamin and John $ 70 billion dollars are spent in this corrections on the annual basis.

The possible solutions to correctional population growth

As evident from the negative impacts associated with the overcrowding of the correctional facility, it is of importance for the government to consider some measures that will assist in reducing the increasing population. Some of the approaches include changing the sentencing policies, constructing facilities that are capable of containing the increasing population, reducing the confinement period of some offenders, and the application of the parole systems. Application of parole will assist in reducing the number of prisoners who have shown a change of behaviors even before completion of their sentence. Reducing the confinement period of some offenders is also a good approach, some offenders do not need to be confined for a lengthy period. This will help regulate the population of the inmates.

Construction of facilities that are capable of handling the increasing capacity is another approach. The approach will also assist in ensuring that the human conditions are maintained in the correction. In line with this, number of personnel offering the services in these facilities has to be increased to. Another approach is to encourage the member of the society to observe the law and abide by it.

The possible result of the continuous growth in the correctional facilities

Consistency of this increase in the population size will result to increased expenditure of the federal and states government in running these corrections. The services being offered to the inmates will be of low quality and leading to the release of individuals that have not been changed. It will result to an increase in crime in the society as a result. The personnel working in this corrections will be dissatisfied with their jobs. Due to the increased population of the inmate the personnel will be required to do many works making them to work for longer hours, the work will also become tedious as they are also exposed to the conditions that are not conducive for human to work. Lastly is that, classification of the offenders will continue being on the space rather than on the security level and the program necessary for the inmate. This may even result to the escape of some offenders from the correctional.

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There has been an increase in the population of inmates in the corrections facilities. This increase in the population of the inmates is a critical problem for the correctional administrators and the government in general. The correctional population is composed of the people in the parole program and the people that are confined in the custodies of a state and the federal prisons. In addition to this is also the people that are held in our local custodies. The factors attributed to an increase in the population of the inmates include the general increase of the U.S population, increase in the number of people who are violating the law and convicting offenders for longer periods. In addition to this, some of the policies that are being put forward by the states and the federal government are also resulting to an increase in the population. Such policies include the abolition of the parole inmates and mandatory minimum penalties. The increase in the population of the inmates increases the risks of the inmates in this corrections, the facilities are also overstretched, and the personnel are overworked leading to conditions that are poor for the human survival. The problem of the increase in the population of the inmates can be minimized through the approach of the parole method, increasing the carrying capacity of the corrections as well as the personnels. Reducing the confinement period for minor offenders is a good approach as indicated in the essay.

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