The Effect of Globalization on Stratification

The term “stratification” comes from geology, meaning layers of rocks that occur in the surface of the earth. Stratification in the society refers to differences in various aspects, mostly in the distribution of resources. details

What the Future holds for Africa

In the age that is governed with an unprecedented global prosperity, Africa is the continent which is lagging behind. It is a continent on spotlight due to the challenges facing its developmental prospects. Comparing to the other continents, a majority of the countries in Africa... details

Why the Government Should Not Forgive Student Loans

Money has a way of transforming useful projects into dangerous weapons. In the US, the first evidence of this statement was observed about a decade ago when the mortgages nearly caused the economy to plunge into a depression. details

Should Trade Barriers Between Nations Be Eliminated?

Trade barriers refer to the measures and policies that public authorities implement with the objective of controlling imports and exports to protect goods and services that are... details

Sources of Income and Patterns of Expenditures in Recent Years

Is it known that most of the European countries like Germany or United Kingdom, and United States developed themselves due to the invading other areas or establishing colonies. details

Google Trademark

With increased media outlets and uncontrolled information transfer in contemporary times, various companies have seen their trademarks become invalid and hence losing their rights deduced from these trademarks. details

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