Economic Systems and Labor Exploitation in Colonial Mexico

During the eventful Spanish colonial era in Mexico, the economy depended upon land as well as labor exploitation, especially of Indians. The initial Spanish settlers ... details

Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development (HRD) is an important aspect of Human Resource Management (HRM) that presupposes the ... details

How Sport Events Contribute to the Economy of the Hosting Country

The reason for undertaking the study is to look at or answer the question why there is fierce competition amongst the countries to host the World Cup. Also, to look at the great extent to which these countries go in order to be shortlisted as favorites to host... details

American Foreign Policy

One of the considerable destabilizing factors in the international political situation is regional conflicts. In the early 1980s, in the Middle East, there were three different conflicts: Arab-Israeli, Iran-Iraq, and Afghan. At the heart of these conflicts, there were primarily internal reasons: territorial, national, ideological, or religious differences, as well as clash of ambitions of individual leaders. details

Confucianism and Modern Economics: Connections, Parallels, and Contradictions

The economy is by nature the most urgent among all fields and human activities; it is the key to the existence of civilization and its material foundation. Although it exists separately since ancient times, as a branch of science, it has hundreds of years; the fundamental problem... details

Women’s Participation in the Labor Force: Sri Lanka

As the world economy continues to grow, analysts have identified some common trends of individuals in the labor force. Economic growth goes hand-in-hand with increased overall employment rates... details

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