Teacher Career

Future Career

In the future, I would like to have a career teaching English. I would most likely prefer teaching the high school level since mastery of the language is needed and is a major determiner of the ability of any student to be communicative. Developing the right language skills increases the chances of the students succeeding in whatever they do in their school. Additionally, teaching English language will be a way of improving on my language skills while fulfilling my desire and passion of learning the language more and more.

Ideally, I would like to teach in a school. I think that teaching the public schools increases the chances of succeeding in my career path. The decline in the public school education can be traced to the inability of the school districts to attract and retain highly qualified teachers. Most of the teachers have been moving to the private schools since they pay better than the public schools. However, from the onset, I believe that the public schools ought to have similar chances with the private schools.

Therefore, attracting and retaining a committed teaching staff will increase the possibility of the public schools being able to compete with the rest. I also believe that focusing on the public schools will be a way of doing the school districts a major service. The districts cater for the poor. I will ensure that I offer my best services in the schools to increase the propensity of the students succeeding in all that they undertake. I would like to start at the lower rung as a teacher and maybe become a school head or a departmental head as I gain more experience.


Professional Philosophy

Teachers are supposed to offer challenges to every students such that they will be willing to learn and take in new concepts. As a teacher, my person goal will be to challenge the students and ensure that they are capable of meeting their full potential. I believe that the students can steer and improve on their skills through collaborative learning. I want to take the students to their required potential. I believe that learning can be attained through collaboration and support from the teachers. Each student has a potential of being a source of improvement to the other.

Therefore, I feel that the student will have to work together and attain the desired level of knowledge needed for them to succeed in their lessons. Group work will be an important part of the learning process. When the students are willing and capable of learning from each other, they will have a potential of enjoying their time in the school environment. Group work creates the sense of synergy and challenge. Most of the students may not grasp everything that they will be taught in the classroom from the onset. Therefore, they have to draw in more information from each other. In as much as instruction will play a vital role in the learning process, the students will most likely learn more from each other. Group work will help to create a different atmosphere in the classroom.

I aspire to create a learning environment that is mindful of the creative experience and expression that the students may have. I believe that the students need to learn from each other through the process of expressing themselves and developing the required knowledge. Expression and creativity will encourage them to learn in a different manner. In as much as the students are always willing to work together, the creative spark that is unique to each student is preserved. Endeavoring to preserve the process of creativity ensures that the student has the ability to create and grasp new concepts at their own pace and process. Students will have a chance of assessing their passions and assess areas where they are strong and weak. The development of the basis of the students according to their likes and dislikes ensures that curriculum developed can be modeled in a manner that suits the needs of each student. The individual learning style manifested by the students will be accommodated in the development of the curriculum such that the strengths will be emphasized while reducing the impacts of the weaknesses on the ability to learn.

Teaching has to be based on the straight forward instruction that is clear and devoid of any obscurity. Instructing the students on how to act or deal with a given challenge in a straight forward manner ensures that the students are not confused. However, the instruction should not be the only source of direction. I believe that the students ought to have their own room to grow and develop. The students ought to have the capability to expand on the instructions and learn more on their own. Therefore, as the year continues, I will be reducing my involvement in the discussions.

The first part of the school year will be made of the teacher’s instructions. Leading the discussions will be essential in the reduction of the confusion while providing a clear sense of direction. However, towards the end of the school year, the students will have the ability to pose their questions and attempt them on their own. In this case, the students will be benefitting for the students since they will be willing and capable of working for the answer as opposed to waiting on the direction issued from the teacher.

Providing the students with challenges helps in ensuring that they are capable of expanding their thinking and imagination while using their research skills in developing the anticipated knowledge. Essentially, the students will be engaging in the process of experiential learning. I believe that as an educator, it is important for the student to not only work for themselves but others. In this case, the class will work on projects that help the other students learn from each other. Students who have a high level of understanding in a given topic will have the ability to work with the ones who are not performing in the same level.

Working together will ensure that the students learn about helping other people. These skills will go a long way in the development of the anticipated level of academic performance. The skill will also ensure that the students have the skills needed in their lives such as team working, communication skills and dispute resolution. Group assignments will also increase the potential of the students learning and applying their leadership skills.

Finally, my education philosophy also centers on the enjoyment of learning. Most of the students who will be passing through my hands will be manifesting different personalities. Treating each student differently will be an essential skill. I endeavor to enjoy the students’ interaction and accommodate all they have to offer. I also believe that there is possibility of the teacher learning from the students. Therefore, I will perceive each interaction between the students as a learning moment for myself as well as the students.

The students will have the power to impact my life as a teacher while impacting the lives of their peers. Education is a way of effecting change. Each learning moment is a way of creating the desired change that a particular teacher may want to create. In as much as there could be resistance towards change, each experience will be an opportunity to cause the desired level of change.

Professional Engagement

Various factors may affect how to communicate with the stakeholders in the work environment. Some of these factors are lack of understanding, prejudice, informational gap, and poor communication policy in the organizational setting. Individual factors limited to each case or person may also lead to the low level of communication efficacy. Some of the factors limiting communication could be limited to the individual or specific scenario. In order to communicate in the most efficient manner, it is imperative to handle each situation in a different manner. Some of the interventions selected will have to be modified contingent on the situation being handled.

Developing the accurate communication skills will ensure that the communication with the different stakeholder groups is conducted in the most anticipated manner. It is imperative that all communication involving the students be handled in a manner that is compliant with the overall conduct of the organization, as well as the professional code. Each communication incident between the teachers will have to be handled with the common understanding that the common good of the students is the guiding principle. The communication distractors ought to be handled in a manner that reduces the possibility of not being effective. Being able to commodify each communication instance to accommodate the individual student will ensure that there is a high level of success.

Proper feedback will be expected from communication. The stakeholders ought to understand that their input in the communication process is vital. Therefore, the communication process will focus on the development of the understanding of how the process can be more engaging. Creating the environment that is conducive for communication is important. The environment can be developed over the years.

At the end of each engagement, the stakeholders will be asked to ask questions or clarifications. This moment will ensure that the feedback about the former sessions will be handled in the anticipated manner. The feedback loops needs to be configured to meet the needs of different situations in an engagement. The class context will have different feedback loops, which will come at the end of the lesson. However, communication engagement between the teachers will be configured in a way that promotes ongoing feedback. This modification will be purely used on the engagement with the stakeholders. Providing the parents and other stakeholders apart from the students with a direct line to the teacher will also ensure that there is more engagement and feedback.

Continuous Improvement Efforts

In five years’ time, I am looking forward to have completed my master’s degree in English literature. The degree will have to increase the variety of choices that I have in the subject. I will also be looking for wider recognition in the professional world. The knowledge that I will acquire from the experience will help in the improvement of the learning center through teaching others and perceiving the teaching experience from the macro perspective.

For me to reach the goals, I will have to focus more on the development of the self-awareness and self-reflection skills, mentoring skills, observation skills and administrative skills. The self-reflection skills will have been accrued over the period as a teacher. These skills will ensure that there is a high level of understanding of the situations and my impact on the others. Interpersonal skills will be important in m engagement with the other teachers since I am looking forward to being a departmental head. Observation skills will also be accrued over the professional career. Mentoring skills will be attained in the process of educating the less experienced teachers about how to teach effectively. Mentoring is very critical in professional growth since it enables one to learn changes in that have occurred in a particular career and it helps to build team work skills.

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