Essay topics about finance: choose the most interesting one for you

Essay Topics about Finance: Guidance for Students

Review the list of essay topics about finance and analyze the advantages each of them has. Evaluate them from the perspective of your preferences and interests to make the best choice.

  • Give one real-life financial arrangement as an example of long-term external finance source in the UK companies. What is its duration? What is the purpose? How can risks be assessed? 
  • Write an essay related to corporate governance and give effective recommendations regarding the corporate governance code in the UK.
  • Conduct profound analysis of the reasons for possible failures that the UK large investment projects may experience in spite of using a wide range of techniques for investment appraisal. Give critical assessment of the failures that organizations experience in their capital projects with the possible effects on shareholder values and key stakeholders.
  • Monitoring of the costs needed for health care.
  • Conduct critical assessment of the relationship established between the external and internal types of audit. Evaluate the functions of internal controls and accounting systems to give assurance to the auditors.
  • Consumer trust in the framework of the e-business
  • Analyze the function of the high-risk securities under the conditions of present-day financial crisis.
  • Reasons for making investments
  • Eurobonds: explanation of the reasons why the investors and issuers are interested in using Eurobonds as financial instruments.
  • Finance transactions at the international level
  • Hypothesis of an efficient markets: validity of the contrasting evidence and interpretation 
  • Effect of the e-commerce on the 21st century business
  • Role of electronic commerce in the contemporary virtual collaborative world 
  • E-business drivers: different forces and trends
  • Future prospects of paper money and electronic financing 
  • E-business in the framework in the automotive industry
  • Effects of Internet on human behavior 
  • SME and e-supply chain
  • E-commerce: tactics, strategy, philosophy 
  • Is there any induction of behavior related to risk shifting by biases in conventional funds?
  • Health care industry: how to adopt management of electronic data 
  • Electronic commerce: problems and solutions 
  • E-commerce: influence on a small business 
  • Information systems: control and security
  • Revolution in transferring electronic data due to the Internet
  • Federal Express: e-business and structural transformation 
  • Potential impact on the UK company capital structure after the financial crisis. 
  • Pro forma financial statements: how to analyze and create 
  • What have you learnt about personal finance?
  • Information technology, finance, and accounting
  • Consumer confidence: critical analysis in the field of financial services
  • Lack of information and low level of awareness: consequences for financial systems
  • Fixed income securities and bond markets 
  • Manager’s responsibility:  financial risk, ratios, and financing debt 
  • Queries concerning financial year: responses 
  • Capital structure and business financing 
  • Recommendations concerning investment analysis
  • Non-profit organizations: financial management 
  • Interpretation and analysis of financial statements

Some essay topics about finance may sound too complicated for you, but you can always choose a different one and start your research with pleasure and confidence.

  • Finance, accounting, and running head accounting 
  • Evaluation and critical analysis of practical and legal methods used to transfer loans in the agreement of syndicated loan participation 
  • Decide in which real estate investment trust or quoted property company you would like to invest £30,000. Present the reasons for your potential investment.
  • Takaful as a cooperative insurance in Islam. What makes it different from conventional insurance? Explain the main similar and different features between mutual insurance and conventional insurance.
  • Present your critical analysis of accounts or published accounts (Brinkley mining). Mention whether the report is done according to the financial statements. Analyze the balance sheet cash flow and income statement.
  • Communication via electronic messaging. A new language 
  • Singapore: how the construction industry applies electronic commerce 
  • Technological society: prospects of e-commerce and mail ordering 
  • E-commerce: systems of security and payment 
  • Privacy of the employees in the workplaces
  • E-commerce: quality management 
  • Is the funding and opportunities for female sports teams at colleges the same as given to male sports teams?
  • Individual stock reports and fund of social responsibility
  • E-commerce: how to handle the challenges 
  • Computer management: peculiar features  
  • Should e-business be studies in the international context? 
  • From a brick-and-mortar business to e-commerce: drastic changes and transformations of the 21st century 
  • Accountants: what is their role in e-commerce? 
  • Why do the companies start e-commerce business?
  • Effect of the information technology on the chemical industry
  • Communication in the field of integrated marketing 

There are hundreds of essay topics about finance and it is a great opportunity for you to make a well-grounded decision and choose the one that will bring you success.

  • Application essays
  • Electronic communications in business  
  • Budgeting, financial control and project proposing 
  • Overview of electronic commerce initiatives 
  • Lack of resources in the market pay structure with high competitiveness 
  • Techniques of traditional appraisal of investment 
  • Health care: ethical and financial standards 
  • Financial performance and UHS (universal health services) 

Observe and analyze in detail the latest documents and reports from the National Express Group plc. to check on the financial performance of business. Provide an overview of the annual report for the last year and mention the main financial ratios for the analysis of the annual report financial statements 

  • Make the assessment of restrictions in the ideas of economists as for the flawless capital market for making the modern global capital market better.
  • Do critical analysis of CAPM (capital asset pricing model) merits. Evaluate the empirical methods of analyzing asset pricing 
  • Discuss the effect of credit crunch on the corporate sector
  • Management and performance of financial resources 
  • Effect of electronic commerce on large and small business
  • E-communication: essential factors in communication management 

Numerous finance topics for essay writing make your horizons extended and let you be proficient in the field of your choice.

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