How to Make a Good Title For an Essay + Essay Title Examples for Free

Title Ideas for Essays

When you choose titles for essays, it is important to understand that it is one of the most important parts of a paper. The deal is that the title of an essay sets a tone of a whole paper and helps to make the first impression. Making good titles for essaysmeans getting the readers interested in what will be written in the main body of the paper. If the title seems boring, it is not likely that your paper will be paid proper attention to. The writer should remember that the purpose of an essay title is to grab attention.


Choosing a Proper Title for an Essay

Unlike other academic papers, for example, research papers, titles for essays should be more interesting and impressive. Even though essay is an academic paper, it is still less formal than term paper or dissertation. As a result, it is important to know how to make a creative title for an essay. This goal can be reached by simple brainstorming. Create as many titles for your essay as possible and try to single out one that fits the content best. Still, it is important to remember that the title should not only be interesting but also informative. It should tell the reader what information will be provided in the paper.

Good Essay Title

Examples of Good vs. Bad Titles for Essays

To make a title good, the writer should be able to describe the whole paper in a couple of words. As a result, the writer should know what the essay is about, which leads to the fact that a good title can only be written after the paper is completed.Here are the examples that demonstrate different titles of essays:

Good vs. Bad

As you can see, bad titles do not give a clear understanding of what is going to be outlined in the essay or give too vague description. The situation can be changed by simply adding some key information to it.

Titles for Essays: Useful Tips

In search engines, you can find the list of the most popular and interesting book titles. If you have to create a title for your essay, reading a couple of them will guide you in the right direction. Creating a suitable title is a key to success. If you want to buy a book, you will definitely check the cover page and read its title. You will put a book aside if the title is dull and does not make any sense to you.

  • Attract Readers' Attention

The title should grab readers' attention. Even if the book content is breathtaking, the author will never get appreciation just because the title does not meet readers' expectations. The title should be brief, but at the same time explicit, which means that this short phrase should give enough information to understand what the author tries to explore.

  • Create the Title in the End

If you think that you should start from creating the title, you are wrong. Yes, you can come up with a working title and write it in the top corner, but it does not mean that it should remain the same after you are done with an essay. Most authors create the content and then get back to the title. The title should represent the focus of writing and in many cases, authors completely change a direction. Some students waste too much time on the creation of a good title and forget that it can be easier if they produce the whole paper first and they work on the title. Always think creatively to make up a good title.

  • The Essay Focus

Remember that your title should give readers a hint about what you try to discuss in the essay. At the same time, do not forget about a thesis statement that should be placed in the end of your introduction. Your title and thesis should be interdependent. However, the title is usually a shortened version of the thesis.

  • Use Modern Phrases

Readers are always pleased to read something that is down-to-earth, meaning that your content should resemble modern day reality. If there are some catchy popular phrases used by everyone, you can introduce them in your title. It will make it more attractive and fashionable.

  • Do Not Be Afraid to Experiment

Teachers are always pleased to see some extraordinary and unique ideas in students' papers. Therefore, if you make your essay title creative and fresh, you will definitely get a good grade. You can resort to some other disciplines and present some philosophical ideas that will prove that you are not reluctant to experiment in writing. You can refer to some popular TV shows and series to find some catchy ideas that can be used in writing to stir reader' imagination.

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