Following an Efficient Essay Checklist

Essay Checklist

When the paper is completed, you need to proofread it. In order to make sure that your work is written up to standard, answer the following questions about:

The topic cover

  • Does my thesis present the central idea of the paper?
  • Have I presented enough powerful arguments?
  • Is my opinion proved by the stated facts?
  • Does the introductory paragraph inform readers about the matter under consideration?

Structuring the paper
  • Does my essay include an introductory paragraph, main body, and conclusion?
  • Does the key idea formulated clearly?
  • Are there enough transitions?
  • Is the flow of information smooth?
  • Do the produced material relate to the topic?
Organizing the paragraphs of the essay
  • Do paragraphs start with a topic sentence?
  • Are the sentences logically connected?
  • Are there appropriate connectives between the sentences of each paragraph?
  • Does each paragraph discuss a particular point?
  • Do the provided arguments are sound enough to support the key point?
  • Are there enough vivid examples?
  • Are the used quotations cited properly? Do they relate to the topic of the paper?
Establishing the proper writing style
  • Is the produced paper comprehensive?
  • Is it written in good language?
  • Are my explanations reasonable and complete?
  • Will readers get the point of the work?
  • Are the sentences constructed properly? Are they grammatically correct?
  • Are complex sentences build in the right way? Are the subordinate closes separated by proper punctuation marks?
  • Have I used the tenses correctly?
  • Do I follow the formal writing style?
  • Are there any cases of using slang or jargon in the paper?
Making references
  • Are the references made correctly?
  • Is each source cited properly?
  • Are the quotations cited in the right way?
  • Is my paper formatted in accordance with the chosen style?
  • Do my opinion and ideas are separated from those of the author who I have quoted?
  • Do the presented quotations help cover the topic?
  • Do they add weight to my work?
  • Do they help explore the subject?
  • Is it necessary to use more quotations to make the paper more impressive?
Paper requirements

If you see that there are not enough words in your paper, you should think whether you have explored the topic thoroughly. Perhaps you need to conduct further research to gather more information about the analyzed issue. Check whether you have provided enough arguments and details about the examined matter.

In case you have exceeded the number of words, you should pay attention to the presented data. Check whether all of them are indeed useful and relevant to the topic of the work. You also need to find out whether there are some repetitions in the essay. It may happen that you have stated some facts twice. Try to identify if your piece of writing is succinct. Maybe you have provided a lot of unnecessary details about the discussed problem.

Proofreading stage
  • Check whether the words are spelled correctly.
  • Do not rely only on computer programs. Read the paper carefully to find out if it contains mistakes.
  • Check the bibliography page. Is it organized properly? Does it provide accurate information?
  • Pay attention to punctuation. Are all the punctuation marks placed correctly?
Presenting the paper
  • Check whether the requirements set by the professor are met.
  • Make sure that the paper is written in a proper way.
  • Mind the formatting: Use double spacing, set proper margins, number the pages correctly.
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