Best Descriptive Essay Writing as a Type that Requires Specific Skills

Descriptive Essay

Defining a Descriptive Essay

You have definitely taken a lot of exams and you know that one of the most typical tasks for the students is to write an essay. The teachers believe that this type of academic assignments can characterize a person and demonstrate his or her outlook, personal perceptions, talents, and skills. Besides, an essay always reveals how well a person can express the opinions and thoughts in writing.


A Descriptive Essay: What Is It?

A creative task of descriptive writing implies revealing the sensory perception of a certain action, process, or phenomenon via the language. This kind of essays uses a wide range of expressive figures and imaginative means to convey an opinion about a phenomenon or an object. The students have to describe the object, process, or phenomenon through presenting its characteristics and properties in sensory perception.

Note that such judgmental characteristics as ‘bad’, ‘good’, ‘positive’, ‘negative’ should be avoided; otherwise, they will make pressure on the readers, who are expected to build their own judgment through the read essay. Thus, one of the challenging tasks of descriptive writing is finding synonyms which can substitute the evaluative elements in the essay. It is useful to practice doing that in the course of the exercises; for example, you can try describing an object to your friend who has not seen it before. Try describing a dish you have tried in another country to a person who has never tasted it. Do not include any evaluative judgments. You cannot present this dish as delicious, but you should explain to your friend what special features it has using only descriptive means.

A Descriptive Essay: How-To Secrets

When you start the process of working on a descriptive essay, you are supposed to choose a good topic, first of all. It is recommended to make all general topic narrowed; otherwise, your essay will be too long and ineffective. Keep your paper small, but disclose the topic in an effective way. Yu cannot take a topic like “History of the USA” as it is excessively broad. You would not be able to include all the details about the events from the past, interaction with other nations, and hundreds of other issues which make the historical process.

Having chosen the topic, you start the research of scholarly journals and articles. Now you have to aim at collecting exciting facts from a variety of sources. Look through different printed and newspapers and journals, news, reference books, legal materials and reliable websites to gather the current details about your chosen matter.

Working on an academic paper, you have to be careful with the sources and used quotes; in that case, you will not have to redo your bibliography later on.


A good descriptive essay requires a good introduction.Your primary goal is to excite the readers’ interest from the very beginning of the paper. Thus, you have to choose the opening lines which would be interesting, provocative, valuable, and important for your audience. If you get some intrigue, a story about an outstanding deed or invention, some shocking statistics regarding the topic, a quote a funny anecdote, or anything which would not sound dull.

Do not make your readers be lost in conjectures; just explain them at once what the paper is about. If you decide to devote your essay to a famous personality, introduce him or her at once.

Effective Thesis Statement

Make sure that the key idea or thesis of the paper is clear. Express what idea you will try to prove in the essay body. For instance, writing about the American political culture, you should lay an emphasis on the main aspect of this culture. Avoid contradictory theses, as they are not typical of descriptive writing. No controversial issues! No denials! No doubt! For example, a phrase like, “The main feature of the political culture in the USA might be ...” is wrong in this type of academic writing.

Smooth transitions between the paragraphs are a must here, especially between the introductory part and the body. Those two sentences are of great importance for the readers whose understanding of the topic gets enhanced. For instance, you may invite the audience to a heated debate or present some fresh ideas related to your topic.

Body of the Essay

The body part in descriptive writing paper should comprise a number of proofs to support the thesis statement. It sounds easy to use the basic ideas with corresponding evidence. Have a look at the example of a descriptive essay body about the main characteristics of American political culture. The first body paragraph introduces the first characteristic feature and supports it with evidence. It can be done in the following way: “It is typical for the American citizens to have no trust to authoritative bodies. The reasons for that can be traced back to well-known political events ... and a vivid demonstration of that is in ...”. After that, you review all the other ideas with the corresponding arguments and valid evidence in the form of interviews, quotes of well-known people, and statistics.


When you finalize the paper, you have to get back to the thesis statement again and find a new angle to have a look at it. For instance, if your statement claimed that the political culture of the USA is the citizens’ distrust to the official bodies, you may conclude restating the thesis with the supplementary analysis: “... the citizens’ distrust to the authorities and representatives of the governmental bodies gave a rise to ...".

Furthermore, the final essay part should include certain generalization of the main ideas and a meaningful call to action or a special statement. For instance, try to motivate your readers to consider which solutions can be found for the improvement of the American political culture.

Proper Essay Formatting

Always find some time to read the ready paper again. Thus, you can remove the sentences which do not make sense, add more effective arguments, correct mistakes, find more impressive vocabulary, and make the essay more interesting to read.

When analyzing the audience for your descriptive essay, try to determine the things that would interest them in your paper. You may find it effective to show the essay to your friends or acquaintances. They might have some critical remarks and you will have to spend some extra time on writing. Nevertheless, polishing your paper will bring its benefits. Your task now it to learn how to make all of your writing works great. It makes no sense to work on the assignments only to get an excellent grade. However, if you know that you cannot devote enough time on the task, it is better to request for some assistance than to do the low quality work.

Free Descriptive Essay Sample (The Air we Breath)

The air we breathe is a mystery to the entire family of living creatures. We can neither see nor touch it, but we can certainly feel it. Living creatures all over planet earth depend on air for their survival. From human beings, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, to insects all require air in order to remain alive. The mystery of air is unmatched in all spheres. We even wonder if inanimate object may require air. By this, I mean stones, metals, and other non living things. This is in the light of cars, electrical gadgets which need sufficient air in order to function well. This further sinks us into a further abyss of confusion about the enigmatic nature of nature as a whole. This essay, therefore, tries to dig deep into this mystery. However, to say we will gain an in depth and conclusive understanding of the subject at hand will be a lie.

The air we live in seems readily available to everyone. Most people take it for granted, but wait until its availability is not guaranteed, for instance, when oxygen is limited, and there is air unfit for inhalation, that is when one realizes its importance. The scarcity of everything which was available earlier makes people appreciate it more. The same case applies to air.

Every minute, thousands of gallons of air pass through the lungs of each living creature. Nevertheless, the freshness of this air has been tampered with, more so by the emergence of technology which is becoming more and more destructive to health. Technology brought about by wealth is increasingly causing irreparable damage to the air. The wealthy, on the other hand, are busy in activities which pollute it, instead of strive to provide fresh oxygen use mixture which would bring animation to our hearts. The question of whether the expensive, troublesome, and horse and cart mode of purifying the air is necessary is worth an answer. The answer seems to be a fat no. Everybody present knows that, outside the shatters and glass plate, we live in exist overwhelming supply of pure air. The law of nature seems to have been ordained to ensure that there is supply of air for living creatures, indeed so immense the supply of air is such that it will not deplete. Just like manner from heaven, nature seems to provide the precious commodity.

The ever growing and laboring populace, however, has brought detrimental effects to the element. Even in the most salubrious settlements, where the air has hitherto been always pure and exhilarating, pollution has invaded. The moment the virgin earth is invaded by human beings, then it looses its virginity. The wretched of the earth continue to spoil the air, making it unpleasant for inhaling.

In conclusion, air that we live in as we have seen is a precious commodity. Although it is available in surplus, it is an element which ought not to be polluted anyhow. Air though still remains an enigma to us. Air which is part of nature is truly amazing

Follow Some Advices to Write Better!

Descriptive essays are unique types of academic works, in which students are asked to describe anything, be it a person, an object, an event, a situation, and so on. A descriptive essay offers a wonderful opportunity for any student to share the most valuable insights about the object, service, or experience he or she is describing in this paper. One of the best things about any descriptive essay is that it empowers students to use their creativity and talent. Therefore, if you want your readers to feel what you feel about the thing you are describing, add rich details, be emotional and honest, and do not be afraid of being creative in your writing!

  • Don't hurry

The key to being successful in descriptive essay writing is in choosing the best ideas for your paper. Brainstorm available topics and choose the most interesting one. Do not use boring topics and approaches to creative paper writing. If you decide to describe the most tragic experience in your life, write down the most significant words you associate with it. They will help you develop a better description of your chosen topic.

  • Be academically clear

Although you can be creative in your descriptions, you still need to use a formal academic language. Thus, be concise and formal in writing.

  • Use rich details

You must be ready to create a vivid, realistic picture of what you are describing. Eventually, you intend to place your reader in your shoes and make your audience feel what you feel and think what you think about the event or object.

  • Don't be afraid of feelings

Do not be afraid of sharing your emotions with your reader. Also, be sure to apply to readers' feelings. This way, your descriptive essay will sound more interesting and competitive.

  • What were your thoughts at the time?

A good descriptive essay will certainly include a detailed analysis of your feelings and emotional responses at the time the event you are describing was taking place. You will never manage to produce a top-notch descriptive essay, if you ignore the emotional aspect of your journey.

  • Impress your reader

In your descriptive essay, you will need to familiarize the reader with the details of the event or object you are describing. Your readers should leave with a strong sense of being knowledgeable in the subject you choose to describe.

  • Organize and structure your essay!

When you are full of emotions, it is easy to fall into confusion. However, you cannot lose the sense of structure. Your task is to be organized, well structured, and logical in your writing. You will have to overcome numerous barriers to quality writing, but you can do it! Just follow these recommendations for your academic success! Or just let us do this for you!

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