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Application Essay

  • What influenced you?

Think of the most influential things that have ever happened in your life. What made you a different person, how and why? For example, you may have changed after a simple course in math. What happened to you in the past that has made you a better person today?

  • What about your historical background?

Trace the evolution of your family, you education, your career, or anything that has shaped the foundation for your today's decisions and success. Be thorough and honest in describing your past.

  • What motivates or inspires you?

This is one of the most interesting aspects in application essay writing. Your grades or learning successes alone cannot tell why you have accomplished you mission so well and what you expect to achieve in the foreseeable future. You have to be honest and clear in what motivates you and why you want to move ahead in your studies.

  • Be personal

You should not lose a chance to get an appointment for an interview. Personal contacts are always better than the best essays.

Interviews are Essential for Your Success

Being invited for an interview is the best opportunity you may ever have to produce a positive impression in a personal encounter. You will not have to answer any tricky questions. You will not have to experiment. Just be honest and positive about our meeting. It is your chance to show who you are behind a piece of writing you are planning to submit.

You have to be prepared for this interview. You can navigate through the most typical questions and answers online. We will want to hear your opinion about the college you want to enter and why you have made your decision in our favor.

Do not forget to be truthful, honest, and natural. Do not try to be what you are not. We will admire some degree of healthy self-criticism. We realize that no one is perfect, and you should not be. We do not expect you to have intellectual answers to all our questions. We just want you to be yourself.

The Goal of Application Essay

We greatly appreciate professional, strong, and honest academic writing. We expect our applicants to display mastery in every aspect of application essay writing. You have to be original and fluent. You must be able to display the originality of your though to its full extent.

Now Follow These Tips to Produce an Excellent Essay
  1. Do not pretend. Act and be yourself. Show us what you can be in your best and worst situations.
  2. Edit and proofread your paper before submitting it to us. Poorly structured sentences and misspelled words will no add value to the best and most original paper.
  3. Do not deviate from the topic. Focus on something really important.
  4. Try to capture and keep our attention. You should have a strong opening paragraph that will give a solid reason why we should read your paper.
  5. Prove every word you write in your paper. We do not need bold claims. We need evidence and detail, as you are talking about your strengths.
  6. Do not put it off. Start writing your paper right away. Develop an outline. Keep refining your paper, until it is your time to apply for college.
  7. Do not repeat others' mistakes. If you dare, make your own and learn from them.
  8. Do not use heavy words and redundant sentences. Do not try to show your intellectual sophistication. Be ordinary but unique. Tell us why we should see you in a crowd of other applicants.
  9. Ask someone for feedback. Someone else should definitely read your paper, before you decide to submit it to us. It is always great to have someone from the outside to look at your work.
  10. Take it a challenge but do not turn it into the most stressful process in your life. Just imagine how the members of the admission committee will love your paper!

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