APA Essay Format: Superb Tips and Advice

APA Format Writing

The process of writing a paper in the APA formatting style is one of the most tedious and irksome tasks you are ever likely to be asked to do. However, by using this useful guide, the task can be made much easier because it sets out all the basic requirements of the APA essay format.   


Running Head on Each Page

You should add a header with the following components to the top of each page:

  1. Page numbering should be aligned to the right-hand side.
  2. The paper’s header should be aligned to the left-hand side and fully capitalized.
  3. A running head should not have more than fifty characters in total, including spaces and punctuation.  

Main Sections

The main sections of a paper usually include a title or cover page, an abstract, some main body paragraphs and, lastly, a references page.

The paper’s title should be shown on the title or cover page along with the writer’s name and the name of their college. This page should also contain the header.  

The running head should be included in the abstract and on every other essay page. An abstract is a brief summing up of the paper’s main points.  

An essay’s main body should flow smoothly in the same manner as a standard essay and with a thesis statement making up the last one or two sentences of the introductory paragraph.

The information shown below should appear in the reference pages in relation to any sources you use.  

Author’s surname, author’s first name initial. (Year + Month + Day). Name of Publisher, City of Publication, State of Publication.

There is Nothing More to It!

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