How to Write a Process Analysis Essay

Good Analysis Essay

A paper that gives clear instructions on how something works is called a process analysis essay. There are a few types of this piece of writing. If it provides logical steps in establishing a procedure it is called a directional process essay. A narrative describes how something happens in a chronological order.


Follow the Directions Provided Below to Produce a Process Analysis Essay of Superior Quality

  1. Indicate what you are going to deal with. It means that you need to introduce the chosen topic. Remember that it should be specific. For instance, the topic of your paper may be “How to make a brownie.” Thus, you need to explain what ingredients have to be used to make it smooth. Then, the precise subject of your work should be “How to produce the right consistency of brownie.”
  2. Write a rough outline. It will help you present information logically. Here, you need to describe briefly each stage of the process. After that, you should provide exact details of each action.
  3. Make a list of the things or equipment necessary to go through the process.
  4. Explain the terms if there are any. If you are going to describe a technical process, for example, you need to define and explain the meaning of the used terms. You may also add some symbols to specify each term.
  5. Warnings. Remember that it is of crucial importance to indicate the difficulties that may arise while following a particular procedure. Use the active voice and address readers directly.
  6. Guidelines. In order to present the steps in a chronological way, you need to follow the outline precisely. If it is more convenient, you may use numbers to indicate each step. Use such pronouns as “you, yours, your” to address readers.
  7. Make sure that you describe everything clearly. Do not use ambiguous words. The paragraphs of your process analysis essay have to be short. Moreover, you should not write long sentences. For example: Step 1: Peel potatoes and cut it into small pieces. Then, boil it for 25 minutes. Do not forget to put a grain of salt into the saucepan.
  8. At the end of the paper, you should tell readers what they will get when the process is completed. For example, “Your cake should be moist with fruit on its top.”
  9. It will be much easier for readers to follow your instructions if you provide them with vivid examples and attractive pictures.

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