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An essay is a paper that highlights a particular subject from the author’s perspective. It does not offer readers an easy solution to the addressed problem but presents writer’s opinion on it. Being engaged in writing essays, students can develop their writing skills and the ability to think logically. Moreover, they learn to write hook sentences for essays, look for powerful evidence to support their ideas, and present material in a comprehensible way.

A common essay includes three structural units such as an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. An introduction is an essential unit of an essay, as it sets the tone for the entire work. It introduces the subject and presents writer’s viewpoint on it. Additionally, it provides basic data about the matter in question to attract readers’ attention and make them proceed to the body section.

Has it ever occurred that a newspaper article or any other piece of writing grabbed your attention to the extent that you could not stop reading it? Though it rarely happens for the essays to be so breathtaking, they still can be made as such. Even if you are supposed to create a paper in any of the natural sciences, you can make it thrilling. Here, it goes about an introductory unit. Detailed information about the issue as well as the needed calculations are provided in the body section, while the introduction is aimed at interesting readers in your subject. It follows that you should begin your project with a catchy statement.

Hook sentences for essays are the statements in the introductory section focused on awakening readers’ interest. An appropriately produced hook will motivate users to keep reading your work to find out the outcome and author’s opinion about the discussed matter. It should be admitted that an introduction is as significant as any other part of a paper since it provokes readers’ emotions what makes them read the work till the end.

How to Write a Hook for an Argumentative Essay

There are three major kinds of catchy sentences:

  1. Jokes or humorous quotes
  2. Citations or sayings
  3. Statistical data

Introducing Jokes in the Introductory Section

First and foremost, remember that there are a number of items you should not joke about. Nonetheless, even papers on such serious topics as marijuana legalization, smoking and its impact on human organism, etc. can include some puns. You may find some jokes on the web. However, if you create your own pranks, your essay will be more engaging. Let us find out how to do it:

  • Unpredictable ending of an old anecdote

Making readers laugh is not difficult. You may take an already forgotten anecdote and end it in a new and original way that would match your topic. For example, if you are exploring the nature of the world’s financial crisis, you may insert a joke relating to the matter in question in a hook sentence and then list a few factors that have caused the very crisis. Thus, you will provide both funny and useful information to readers and interest them in your study.

  • Comical associations

Create a list of points that the explored matter can be compared with. Put down the ideas that come to your mind and choose the most humorous one. Such an approach to making your essay exciting is the most suitable for those who have much time for writing their work. However, if you are required to create catchy hooks for essays during the exam or test, another method should be used.

  • Amusing stories

One more option is to tell a hilarious story that has happened either to you or your friends. Bear in mind that such a story should not be long. The most important is that it has to be pertinent to your subject. Since this kind of a hook will make your essay rather personal, it is better to use it when composing admission essays or personal statements. By the way, it would be good if the told story were a common one by reading which readers could remember themselves being in the depicted situation.

How to Use a Quote as a Hook to Grab Readers’ Attention

Well-known sayings and quotations are the most effective means of capturing readers’ attention. For this reason, both students and experienced writers enjoy using them in their papers. The main thing is to use them in the right manner. If you intend to insert some quotes in your essay, make sure they illustrate the core of your topic. For instance, you may include the quotes highlighting some moral qualities. In case you desire to motivate people or call them to action, begin your essay with the respective quote and repeat it in the concluding section but in different words.

If the saying or quote is old-fashioned or complicated, you can provide its brief explanation referring to a thesis statement. The hardest part about using quotes, sayings, or proverbs is to find the ones closely connected with your subject.

There is one more thing you need to pay attention to when using quotes, i.e. the author. If you provide the words said by well-known people, it means that you use them as evidence to support your thoughts and ideas. Remember that the quotes said by the most famous people are the most memorable. At present, those writing academic papers usually use the quotes said by the most popular politicians, singers, actors, businessmen, etc. Still, one should not forget about famous historical figures who have also contributed to the creation of the present world. Some of the eminent figures whose quotes are often included in the essays are William Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, and others.

How to Interest Readers in Your Topic by Means of Statistical Data

Statistical data can help you make your piece of writing sound professional and reasonable. The most important thing is to present it in the right way. Those dealing with your project will be impressed with the provided numbers and will decide to read it till the end to find out the conclusion you have arrived at. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind the following: once readers see all those numbers presented in your work, they will expect it to be of the highest quality. That is why you need to support all your statements with compelling arguments and studies carried by other academicians.

One more vital thing about referring to statistics is its novelty and relevance to the matter under consideration. What is more, each time you present some statistical data, it is essential to indicate the source it has been taken from (here, it goes about reliable scholarly sources). You can enter the required data by using such phrases as, “In accordance with …,” “As stated by …,” etc. Take a look at this example: “As it has been stated by the International Report on Alcohol Addiction (2013), about 7% of adults suffer from health issues caused by the use of alcohol.” In the subsequent sentences, you need to provide a few facts explaining why people cannot keep drinking alcohol under control.

How to Compose the Best Hooks

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