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If you lack ideas on how to write a research paper on music, you have ended up in the right place. Our company`s experts will help you out with that. For many students, research paper writing is normally associated with sciences or social studies, but research can be conducted on virtually any topic and in any subject area. Therefore, music is also on the list of disciplines that may include some research work. When it comes to music, there is a lot to be researched in terms of historical and cultural background. Regardless of the fact that music is associated with mere entertainment from childhood, it can also be a center of academic research. A great benefit of carrying out research in the field of music is that it is more probably that it can be fun and that students can derive more pleasure from it. 


Just as in the other research fields or subject areas, coming up with appealing research in the music field is not an easy task. Nonetheless, once you get access to some professional guidelines, recommendations, and tips, you can ease this process. One of the underlying factors that may influence the overall writing process is to be able to pick a topic that you are passionate. At the same time, it is essential to consider the interests as well as the educational and professional background of your target audience and relate your topic to it, too. In other words, the topic should be interesting both to you and your readers. The topic and the very title formulation are significant as they are decisive for whether the paper will tend to be successful or not. 

Our company`s professional writers have composed a comprehensive list of writing tips that can be used in your research process no matter what genre or type of writing you are choosing. Hopefully, they will come in handy for you as well. 

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Effective Tips on How to Write a Research Paper on Music

You have probably already made up your mind on what topic you want to choose for your research paper writing. Maybe you still do not have the faintest idea of what topic to focus on. In any case, you can pay attention to the tips provided below — they will be effective for you since they have been approved by experienced writers:

  • Consider your specific interest in the given field. One of the prerequisites of success in writing is that you choose the topic that you like. Maintain the balance between the topics that you like and the topics you are well versed in. If you pick some topic that is boring and tedious to you, keep in mind that you will be more likely to become weary and exhausted by the process. If the topic is exciting for you, but it seems relatively new and the one that you cannot find sufficient information about, it may not be a good idea to choose it as there might be a problem with finding expert evidence. 
  • Consider your target audience and their interests. Imagine a situation: you have picked the topic that you are so excited about, but your target readers have no idea what it is. Do you think these people might get attracted by the topic? — Hardly. So, try to strike a balance and select the topic that is equally interesting for you and your readers. 
  • Double-check whether the topic or the area of research you intend to focus on can be illustrated and explained. The topic should be tangible and relatively easy to be described and discussed. It should be possible to shape some concepts in specific words. Remember that the easier it is for you to vividly describe some topic, the easier it will be for your target audience to comprehend it. 
  • Provide some emotional context. Appeal to the emotions of your readers because if the piece of writing leaves people indifferent, it cannot be regarded as successful. Sometimes proper emotional context will speak more of itself than some clever or sophisticated phrases.
  • Choose topics that are not too common. It happens sometimes that students tend to choose similar topics. In such cases, some topics may become boring and it will not be interesting for the audience at all if they come across the same information again and again. So, make sure you set some intrigue and pick a topic that is interesting and informative. 
  • Familiarity of topics. Remember that the topic you pick should not be close or common to your readers. There would be no sense of novelty, surprise or new information if your readers come across the topic that they have heard of long ago. Select the subject that is topical and that is currently interesting to your readers. 
  • Relation of the paper subject to the surrounding/ topical events, etc. The issue you choose to reflect on should be topical and related to the reality you and your readers find themselves in. For example, it may be related to the current events, culture, educational or professional background, etc. 

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Topics Ideas on How to Write a Research Paper on Music 

Make sure that your chosen topic coincides with the reality your target audience finds themselves in. The formulated topic will also be decisive for how popular the topic becomes hence the importance of approaching the process of choosing a research paper topic in a diligent way. Check out a list of sample topic our company`s writers have formulated:

  1. Origins of jazz music and how it has become popular. 
  2. The essentials of music philosophy.
  3. Ways children`s musical memory evolves during the years. Ways how music impacts children`s development. 
  4. The main motifs of Japanese songs and their meanings. 
  5. A unique part of jazz improvisation in the music culture. 
  6. Metal music as the source of inspiration. Is there any metal song that inspired you to do something?
  7. Historical background and origin of trop-hop. 
  8. The ways music is marketed across the world.
  9. Usage of specific musical instruments for creating specific music genres.
  10. The role music plays in the treatment of heart diseases. 
  11. What musical instrument makes Western music so peculiar?
  12. Unique characteristics of Asian music.
  13. Some of the central themes of European music.
  14. How has jazz revolutionized?
  15. The development of rap and its impact on the overall music culture.
  16. Compare and contrast Japanese and Chinese music of the 19th century. 
  17. The origins of blues. 
  18. What factors impact the appearance and evolution of the main music styles?
  19. African folk music.
  20. Asian pop. 
  21. Impacts of different music genres on people`s health. 
  22. The role radio played in the popularization of music. 
  23. The impact of World War II on music traditions.
  24. How has classical music revolutionized itself?
  25. Historical background of jazz. What vent served a beginning to it?
  1. Who do you consider to be the king of pop to you?
  2. The most widespread genres of music during the Renaissance period. 
  3. What are the reasons that classical music is proved to have some curing effect?
  4. Early Indian music and the musical instruments that were used. 
  5. Pros and cons of using music as the playground for some activity. 
  6. Main reasons why Western music is gradually losing its popularity. 
  7. The striking differences of classical music from the other genres. 
  8. Reasons for the arising difficulties that musicians face when they want their songs to be played on the radio. 
  9. The common idea of many Western European songs. 
  10. Is it possible to classify people into some categories depending on what type of music they like to listen to?
  11. Reasons of the popularity of Korean pop.
  12. Development of folk in America. 
  13. How have beauty standards and trends been impacted by hip-hop?
  14. Features of music memory. 
  15. Does music in the background influence somehow one`s attention span?
  16. Compare and contrast early blues with modern blues.
  17. The underlying features of hip-hop.
  18. Early music from the era of Ancient Rome to the period of Baroque. 
  19. The role pop music plays in marketing strategies.
  20. What burning issues are represented in modern songs?
  21. Music as an indication of the society`s cultural level. 
  22. Spreading of hip-hop in different countries. 
  23. Popularization of jazz: what might be the consequences?
  24. The role of music in promoting new trends. 
  25. The most impactful musicians of the modern day. 

The aforementioned are just a few examples of potential music topics that can be used by you when choosing a focus of research paper writing. If you experience some troubles with the writing process, be rest assured that you can rely on our company`s professional writers for help. This way you will be a step closer to academic success.

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