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Observation Essay Example

Almost every day each American visits different types of offices. It can be a post office, an office of a travel company or an office of a translation agency. At the same time, it is to be noticed that each of them leaves different impressions. When the one comes there for the first time some of the work sites he likes to visit again and again. However, to some of the office complexes the one will never be back again. Therefore, the reasons and details of making the first impressions are going to be carefully investigated and analyzed here.  

Primarily, when a potential client comes to the office he always judges it from the very first moment of opening the door. That is why everything in the office is to be welcoming and perfect. When the potential client comes to the office, he is to be greeted from a smiling and ready-to-help receptionist. Some offices do not care about creating a reception area and show up the lack of professionalism. The customer has to catch and ask the workers to guide him. It happens that workers have lunches at their working places, or a birthday celebration takes part in the office. Unlikely these details are to be noticed by the searching client. However, it is important to say that the reception should be the coziest and relaxing area adjusted for waiting. Therefore, it should be equipped with appropriate for office restful ergonomic sofas, armchairs and chairs placed off the main walkways in order to save a degree of client`s privacy. Visitor chairs in cabinets are also to be comfortable in order for the customer to feel confident. 

Secondly, client never enjoys coming to the dirty office full of bundles of papers at countertops, cartons and empty boxes stacked in open areas and clutter at the waiting area. Warm and clean office with well kept plants or fresh bouquets of flowers will definitely become the next step in making the best impressions. Moreover, a tidy workplace of a client`s personal manager shows up his attention to detail and effectiveness so the customer easier confide in the company. 

One more important point is entertainment of your customers. Whenever he comes to the office, in most cases it is necessary to wait for meetings or appointments for some time. The waiting period may be short; nevertheless, it is enough to get bored. There are different tools for entertaining clients. One way is to arrange a TV screen to show company`s various commercials or short films about it`s activities and products. One more way is to provide reading materials, for instance, books, newspapers or magazines relevant to business interests of the company. Thus, it might put marketing brochures or various flyers. Pay attention that up to date and relevant business regularly updates these materials. Finally, the most usual tool of entertainment is providing free Wi-Fi. Login and password are to be placed in a most conspicuous place of the reception area. The client does not need to request the receptionist. Free Internet access will allow clients to respond to their emails, check messages in social networks, research or simply surf the net and stay entertained during the waiting period.

Concluding all the points listed above, each company should remember that the office is a face of the whole business. The appreciated and taken care customer is to be an ultimate goal and a key to success. A lot of companies underestimate the aesthetics of the office. Nevertheless, the office layout is one of the strongest tools of promoting the successful corporate image and brand to the public.

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