How to Create a Poster in PDF: Helpful Recommendations and Hints.

How to Create a Poster in PDF: Expert Help for Busy Students and Amateurs

What do you think about when you get a task to compose a PDF poster? Typically, it is a one-page PDF -format document with the content needed as per the instructions for a particular assignment.

Most frequently, the task of the students is to learn how to create a poster in  PDF for the presentation of discussions, methodologies, and research results in a brief form. The structure of a poster can differ as the range of topics and purposes for creating such projects can be wide. There are a number of sections in a PDF poster that mostly include tables, graphs, images, charts, and other visual elements to make the whole project bright and impressive. In fact, an approximate length of a poster is 1 page with the word count not more than 300 words.


It is convenient and effective to demonstrate the research results in the format of a PDF poster. For the academic purposes, the students frequently opt for this format to sound logical and present the collected data and conclusions succinctly. Moreover, they make use of one of the most impressive benefits of making a poster in PDF: it is possible to deliver important messages and complex information in the form of visual elements, in particular images, to make the form of presentation interesting and appealing and help the audience perceive the details easier.

Learning how to create a poster in PDF, you should remember that the introductory part of a presentation should be brief and it cannot exceed two minutes. It should be a product that the audience should look at and understand without any extra comments or explanations from your side. Nevertheless, be ready for the questions as the audience can need some further details you can add orally. You should remember that even the most informative and creative ideas presented in the best-structured PDF poster do not make you free from the obligation to be well aware of the views presented and to be able to talk on the topic. We recommend writing down some of the figures or statistical data related to the presentation that will serve as justification of the conclusions and your personal opinions. You are expected to sound persuasive and convincing, do not forget about that.

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List of Common Mistakes Students Tend to Make in PDF Posters 

  • Excessive capitalization
  • Too bright schemes of colors or designs 
  • Three or more types of fonts, which is too much 
  • Childish fonts, such as Comic Sans
  • Illegible font
  • Small font 
  • Sophisticated font which makes understanding of the words complicated 
  • Presentation of the title in a boring and non-appealing manner 
  • Formulation of the title in an unclear style. The audience will not pay attention to boring titles. If it is inappropriate, they will most probably disregard the whole project. 
  • Insufficient number of visual elements. Learning how to create a poster in PDF, make sure that the audience will have particular elements to see and they will keep people focused and interested in the presented content. If the title is bright and it appeals to the imagination of the audience, they will mind the visuals next. If you have decided to make use of the statistical data, check whether all the tables, figures, and graphs are clear. All of them should be self-explanatory and visually pleasing. You should not aim your writing only at the experts, even a person with little knowledge on the subject should understand what you want to present and tell about. 
  • Poor editing. You can order PDF poster services online or just ask an expert to do the editing and proofreading of the content you have prepared. The text should contain no mistakes in spelling or grammar. There should be no visible flaws. The used bullet points should be structured clearly to facilitate the audience’s understanding of the information you would like to provide.  
  • Cramming all the space with the text. You should leave some blank space in your project; otherwise, it will impossible to navigate and see the paragraphs in the poster. 
  • Unwillingness to listen to the feedbacks of other people. Your teacher, parent, or friend can have a look at the poster you have created and give you a certain opinion that can improve your project. Some remarks can really deserve careful consideration.
  • No communication with the audience. Presenting the project, mind the people in front of you, not only the poster you have made. Even if the poster is composed by a great online poster service, the key role should belong to the speech and audience, not the poster itself. It will look weird if you just read from the text without any interaction with the audience, so try to get prepared before the presentation. 

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