Different Paragraph Writing Styles: Choose the One You Need

Different Paragraph Writing Styles: How to Make the Right Choice

There are many different paragraph writing styles, but the most popular ones are the following four: persuasive, descriptive, expository, and narrative. If you surf the Internet to collect more information, you will definitely succeed, but it would be just perfect to be proficient at using the mentioned four basic types.

  • Persuasive Paragraphs

Those paragraphs aim at making readers understand a writer’s position and accept it as the best one. Many teachers make this type the leading one as using it, students learn how to build arguments and influence the others. Mind that this type of writing implies gathering facts and doing profound research. 

  • Descriptive Paragraphs

Those paragraphs, among different paragraph writing styles, describe an object, a person, or a thing and give the idea to readers with a vocabulary that appeals to small, sound, touch, taste, and sight as five senses. It is recommended to make descriptive writing artistic, and it is typically fine not to adhere to standard norms.  

  • Expository Paragraphs

Those paragraphs provide explanations or instructions. They can tell about a certain process and lead readers through the stages using this method. Research is required, but it is also possible to base writing on the author’s expertise and personal knowledge.  

  • Narrative Paragraphs

Those paragraphs tell stories and present actions in a definite sequence with a definite beginning, middle parts and end.

Note that there can also be different text styles within paragraph as a combination of the types.

Find Our Paragraph Examples for Better Understanding

See an Example of a Persuasive Paragraph Below

The economy of the US is dependent on immigration. There have been a number of concerns recently about the expenditures caused by both illegal and legal immigrants to the country, but it cannot be denied that benefits from ambitions, talents, skills, and desires of immigrants exceed those costs tremendously. The US business gains affordable labor and the cities get revitalized with the families of immigrants, who facilitate the community development and strengthen the society through civil participation and generating economic activities of new types. It is a valuable source of power for the United States, and new arrivals should still be welcome in the country as they would be together with those who are here already. The country cannot lose the benefits and advantages it has over other states with huge industrialization power. The global marketplace has never been as competitive as it is now, and every participant is interested in hiring those who can work diligently, no matter how skilled they are. 

Among different paragraph styles, this one is probably one of the most difficult. It is aimed at persuading readers to accept the point of view of the author, and it is one of the most successful ones as it influences thoughts and makes others change their minds. 

See an Example of a Descriptive Paragraph Below

Intensity of lights got higher, and it seemed that darkness was gradually disappearing from the earth. It seemed that air got filled with tender music of an invisible orchestra. It was playing some weird cocktail music and pitches got higher with every next sound. It generated good mood and there were more and more noises, laughter, cheerful words, and everything started moving quickly. There was no more stability, and groups swiftly changed to swell with those who came last. Then small groups of people dissolved to form smaller and larger ones. Everybody was trying to move somewhere, talk to someone, and whisper something in somebody’s ear. Then there was shouting, loud voices, excited songs, smiles on happy faces, and the light was still changing that day.

This paragraph makes readers see, hear, and feel what is happening. They seem to be present at the story setting. Remember to address every aspect of the environment and physical world, working on a descriptive style paragraph.

See an Example of an Expository Paragraph Below

You will not see a different principle of work at a toilet flush tank. A flushed toilet implies lifting a tank ball with a trip handle, then the outlet opens and the water flows into the bowl. The ball falls back when the tank is empty. The water level makes the float fall and water-supply inlet opens when the outlet gets closed. Refilling of the tank is done through the filler tube. The flow of the water gets into the overflow pipe through the refill tube of a bowl to replenish water. The float makes the inlet valve closed when the level of the water in the tank is approximately at the overflow pipe top.

Such paragraphs can be found in the do-it-yourself manuals. They provide details about a certain process, and this information can be both interesting and informative.

See an Example of a Narrative Paragraph Below

Below you can see an example of a narrative paragraph, which also belongs to different paragraph writing styles, which make a difference:

I first ran for a political office when I was about ten years old. Now I am in my thirties, and I am a married man with great desires and ambitions. When I realized that there was an open seat in the legislature, I followed my friends’ advice to run and used my career of a civil rights lawyer as a valid reason to apply. For sure, I discussed everything with my beloved wife, and then entered the race. I talked to almost everyone in the streets, attended all possible meetings, and gave campaign literature even to street beggars. I won owing to tremendous efforts exerted and support from the people I loved. 

This paragraph tells a story of a promising politician. It has a beginning, then middle paragraphs, and the ending.

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