Cover Letter Writing Guidelines

Cover Letter Writing

Whenever a person wants to find out about a particular position or applies for it, he/she needs to send a resume along with a cover letter. There are different types of cover letters, which require certain writing patterns and structures. When a person sends an inquiry to a company to learn more about a job position, it is called an “uninvited cover letter.” If you seek assistance of company members to help you with job search, you will send a “networking cover letter.” If you send a common resume to apply for a job, then you have to attach a simple cover letter. Since the last cover letter form is mostly seen in the recruitment procedure, we will discuss this type the most.

Cover letter writing is usually short and concise. You will have to spend no more than a page of written text to present yourself since it is a paper that accompanies the main document (resume). In the cover letter, a writer should present himself/herself in a good light and prove that a potential employer should regard him/her as the best candidate. However, there is a need to present only relevant and clearly organized ideas.

If you want to succeed in cover letter writing, focus on the rules presented below. Adherence to our writing guidelines will help you save much time and efforts because you will know for sure what constitutes a good cover letter.


Major Rules for Cover Letter Writing

  • A well-written cover letter should include the following details.
  • It should clearly present facts why a potential employer should consider you as the most suitable candidate;
  • It should discuss your motivation and enthusiasm to work for a specific company;
  • It should enumerate relevant experiences, hands-on practice and abilities required by a job position.
  • It should include some details about a company and worker’s responsibilities.
  • You should create a cover letter specifically for each job position. It means that you should work individually on each cover letter. Submitting the same cover letter to different organizations is a bad choice because a standardized paper will not include vital details that each employer seeks to find. Your cover letter should be adjusted specifically for each organization and you should present some basic details about a company you want to join.
  • If you create a general cover letter for different companies, you will definitely fail and will not be invited to an interview. Cover letter writing should be unique and each particular vacancy reflects its own demands and expectations. Thus, every job position requires a separate cover letter.
  • Remember to check the content of your cover letter. You can be an experienced and diligent worker, but your HR manager does not know about it. Instead, if you write in informal and impolite manner, you will be excluded from the list of candidates.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of reading a couple of cover letters posted on some online writing labs. You should follow a specific format and organization of ideas.
  • Always address an HR manager directly in the heading of your cover letter. The name of a person responsible for recruitment procedure can be found on the company website. Always be open-minded and sincere.

The Most Popular Mistakes

  • In academic writing, every paper must be original. The same is applied to cover letter writing. Even if you check some samples on the Internet, under no circumstances should you copy any ideas or paraphrase them. You will only be blamed for plagiarism and will fail your attempt to get a job.
  • Do not sound desperate in writing. No matter how many challenges you encountered, be positive and enthusiastic in your claims. Do not try to evolve sympathetic feelings in your employer.
  • At the same time, do not be too persistent in writing. If you are too straightforward and stubborn, you will never get a job because HR managers usually strive to find candidates who get on well with people.
  • Always write a brand new cover letter for each position you apply. Such cover letter will definitely meet expectation of the employer.

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