Funny, unique, and creative Christmas carol essay topics

Christmas Carol Essay Topics

Whenever you need to compose any piece of writing one of the Christmas carol essay topics, you should follow the most significant steps indicated below:

  • Read carefully the text that you are assigned to get a clear feel of the whole masterpiece.
  • Re-read it if you are not pressed of time in order to make specific emphasis on a certain character, plot, theme, symbol, etc.
  • Start with the introduction that would comprise the author’s name and the title of the book you are going to write about. Moreover, briefly dwell on what happens in the book and explicate what you would like to emphasize in your piece of writing. 
  • Ensure that your piece of writing gives a few ideas that you are planning to be dwelling on in the main body of your paper.
  • Focus on your first idea and prepare your topic sentence considering that the rest of the paragraph will be aimed at proving or expanding on this very first sentence. 
  • Ensure the end of each one of the paragraphs in the body part comprises a sentence that logically leads to the next one. 
  • As you are working on your body paragraphs, you should refer back to other paragraphs and indicate how they are related to each other, as well as the key theme of your piece of writing. 
  • Your final paragraph in the main body will be the weakest argument, but it could be kind of lost in your piece of writing between your strong points and your conclusion. 
  • Your conclusion is supposed to relate all of your key ideas and indicate the main topic of your piece of writing. Avoid summarizing everything in this section. Commence with the topic sentence, which is to be restated and then sum up the main points discussed in the work. 
  • Avoid introducing any new info in the conclusion section. 

You ought to take into consideration these Christmas carol essay topics to complete your excellent piece of writing:

  • Scrooge is obsessed by something more than ordinary greed in A Christmas Carol. 
  • Scrooge is a vivid model for how people must not conduct themselves in reference to the spirit of Merry Christmas.
  • Tiny Tim is the key influencer of the change in Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.
  • Ignorance and greed are the key themes in A Christmas Carol. 
  • Scrooge does not take care of the poor people surrounding him as he has never experienced poverty depicted in A Christmas Carol
  • The narrator in A Christmas Carol is of great significance as the character of Scrooge, Tiny Tim, or other heroes.
  • Each spirit marks an essential step in the journey by Scrooge towards his evolution into a nicer person.
  • The spirits of Christmas in A Christmas Carol
  • Although A Christmas Carol is a splendid story about spirits, it can be treated as an outstanding fairy tale. 
  • One of the key messages hidden by Dickens in his masterpiece A Christmas Carol is that love can overcome any problematic issue or obstacle and money makes people real monsters. Explicate your point of view
  • Scrooge description in A Christmas Carol by Dickens
  • Compare and contrast different characters in A Christmas Carol
  • How Dickens applies critics in A Christmas Carol
  • What does A Christmas Carol by Dickens teach us?
  • Why has A Christmas Carol by Dickens been the symbol of Christmas for many years already?
  • The correlation of the past, the present and the future in A Christmas Carol by Dickens
  • What is the topic importance of the early insistence of the narrator on proof and certainty?
  • How has Scrooge justified his refusal to give money for the two canvassers in A Christmas Carol?
  • Give some vivid examples in order to demonstrate and prove the avarice by Scrooge in A Christmas Carol
  • .What is meant by Scrooge when he refers to Marley’s spirit, “You are particular for a specific shade” in A Christmas Carol?
  • How do Scrooge and the ghost hold different points of view on the key aim of people’s life?
  • When does Marley inform Scrooge about the arrival of the three Christmas spirits?
  • Give a few examples of the spirits playing the advocates of the devil and Scrooge making some corrections of them.
  • Why does the fiancée of Scrooge release him from their engagement? Provide your reasons. 
  • What do the images of child-man, especially with the Spirit of Christmas Past, symbolize in A Christmas Carol by Dickens? 
  • Who was Belle in A Christmas Carol by Dickens? You should utilize the word search to find out the truth.
  • What are the autobiographical connections to the Cratchits who lived in Camden Town? (Refer to the short biographical records that precede the story A Christmas Carol by Dickens
  • Compare and contrast the Spirit of Christmas Present and the Spirit of Christmas Past. How do they differ from each other?
  • Compare and contrast the Spirit of Christmas Present and the Spirit of Christmas Future. How are they different or similar?
  • How does Scrooge manage to reproach the spirits before they visit the residence by the Cratchits?
  • What irony is hidden behind the words by spirits to Scrooge concerning the surplus people?
  • What is the influence of the brief descriptions of the sailors, as well as the sailors?
  • What way does the scene at the party by Fred echo the scene at the dinner by the Cratchits?
  • Imagine that you should describe your Christmas Spirits in your book. What would they look like? Explicate your ideas.
  • Why have people in different countries adored and admired by A Christmas Carol by Dickens for so many years already
  • The influence of A Christmas Carol by Dickens on the world literature and cinematography
  • Does Scrooge who has managed to reborn to hesitate to spend his money on himself and other people?
  • What is Scrooge afraid of when he begs to be allowed attending the party organized by Fred 

These are just a few Christmas carol essay topics that you are capable of choosing from once you decide to compose your piece of writing.

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