Wonderful Argument Essays Topics: Great Choice of Possible Topics

Argument Essays Topics: 70 Great Topic Suggestions to Help You Succeed!

If you are looking for some great argument essays topics, below is a list of seventy interesting ideas to help get your essay started. These ideas are phrased in question form and are divided into five different categories as follows: family, legal, media and advertising, moral, and social matters.

You are welcome to use any of these topics as a basis for your own school or college essay or they may provide ideas and/or inspiration to help you devise a topic of your own.

14 Topic Ideas for an Argument Essays on Family-Related Matters

When it comes to writing about family life and family values, there is an abundance of topics to choose from. Part of the reason for this is that each family is unique and differs from every other. The rules that operate within families tend to vary a lot and are devised according to the particular circumstances that apply at any given time, regardless of state and/or national laws.

Because families differ from each other to such an extent, it is difficult to be too general in an essay of this type.

Nevertheless, a whole lot of research exists on marriage, child psychology, child developmental matters, and a host of individual stories from children and parents. The following list should provide you with sufficient material to build a good argumentative essay:

  1. Should it be compulsory for parents to take parenting lessons?
  2. Is it acceptable for a parent to monitor their teenage child's use of the Internet?
  3. What is an appropriate age for parents to discuss sex with their offspring?
  4. Are children harmed (or helped) by "helicopter" parenting and how?
  5. Should it be as easy for same-gender couples to adopt a child as it is for people in heterosexual relationships?
  6. Should it be as easy for a single person to adopt a child as it is for a couple?
  7. Out of the different parenting styles, which one do you think is most successful and/or effective?
  8. Do you agree that children need or deserve a daily, weekly, or monthly allowance?
  9. What is an appropriate age for children to be given their own cellphone?
  10. Should children be pushed into extracurricular activities e.g. sports or music by their parents?
  11. Should children be paid by their parents to aim for high grades?
  12. Is breastfeeding in public acceptable?
  13. Do children really "own" their own rooms or do their parents "own" these rooms?
  14. Should spanking children be a permitted practice for parents?

14 Topic Ideas for an Argument Essays on Legal Matters

Legal topics for argumentative essays are quite popular. Topics in this category can concern laws you think should be created, changed, or abolished altogether. They may also cover the advantages and/or disadvantages of laws that are currently in place.

An argumentative essay on a legal topic does not require the writer to be highly technical. However, it is necessary to research any existing laws related to your topic so that you are familiar with their content.

What you want to avoid, of course, is suggesting an alteration to some law that has already been altered in the manner you are suggesting.

  1. Should there be a complete global outlawing of nuclear weapons?
  2. Should personhood - legal recognition as an individual - be granted to corporations?
  3. Should sugar-laden drinks e.g. sodas be subjected to extra taxation?
  4. Should the USA introduce tighter restrictions on owning and using guns?
  5. Should drivers be banned from using cellphones at the wheel?
  6. When it comes to making birth control accessible to girls, what is an appropriate age for allowing such access without parental consent?
  7. Would it be appropriate to make prostitution legal?
  8. Are there any situations where a woman should have the right to choose abortion and, if so, what are these situations?
  9. Should it be mandatory for restaurants to display the calorie count for each food item on their menus?
  10. Should all tobacco products including cigarettes be completely outlawed?
  11. Is a life imprisonment sentence appropriate for juveniles?
  12. How appropriate is the present legal age for drinking alcohol? Should this age be raised, lowered, or kept as it is?
  13. There are frequent calls to outlaw controlled substances. Would this work or would it just increase black market demand?
  14. Do the medicinal benefits of marijuana fully or partially justify making this drug legal?

14 Topic Ideas for an Argumentative Essay on Media and Advertising

The mass media and the advertising of all sorts of products and services are now prolific in almost every part of society. There are a number of angles that essay writers can take on topics concerning media and advertising.

In your essay, for example, you may want to consider how society is affected by the various parts of the mass media (e.g. radio, television, movies, news outlets, magazines, social media, and so on). Or you may want to explore what material should be portrayed (by sight or sound) in advertisements and through the mass media in all its shapes and forms.

It is not difficult to find inspiration to develop your own topic in the field of media and advertising. You only need to switch on your television and stay on any channel for the commercials.

Pay careful attention to anything to do with electronics. It is highly likely you will identify some debatable topic from the material that appears before you.

  1. Has print-style advertising become obsolete?
  2. How effective are public service announcements?
  3. Are expectations about marriage and relationships portrayed in an unrealistic way by the media?
  4. Is it acceptable to show sexual scenes on TV during prime time hours?
  5. Are there any circumstances in which it is permissible to show advertisements that promote tobacco products and alcohol and, if so, what are these circumstances?
  6. Should advertisements be more explicit in drawing attention to product warnings and potential side effects?
  7. At what point should television networks draw a line with regards to the portrayal of violence?
  8. Do the producers of movies and television shows have a responsibility to include more diversity in their productions?
  9. Can an individual's self-esteem and self-image be affected by photo-shopped pictures and images?
  10. Is the issue of teenage pregnancy glorified by some reality TV shows e.g. Teen Mom?
  11. Is the media sometimes guilty of creating hype to scare or otherwise influence members of the public?
  12. Should companies be allowed to advertise in educational environments e.g. in schools?
  13. Would you say journalists have a responsibility to remove bias from their reporting where possible?
  14. Should celebrities be portrayed and talked about on news programs?

14 Topic Ideas for an Argumentative Essay on Moral Matters

It is easy to become carried away when discussing moral issues with friends or in an argumentative essay. Topics in this category can span a wide variety of human dilemmas from, for example, the rights and wrongs of the death penalty to using animals for tests and experimental purposes.

Generally speaking, topics of this nature are highly debatable since opinions - and the range of justifications for particular opinions - can vary a great deal according to the opinion-giver's views of right and wrong.

When discussing, say, the rights of humans or animals and you feel passionately about your subject, it is easy to become emotional. While passion is encouraged in argumentative essays, it is still important for the writer to stay focused and to not let their thoughts fall into disarray.

It is certainly worth taking time to develop an essay outline. This is a good way of making sure you stay on topic. In the meantime, here are some topic ideas of a moral nature:

  1. Which are more or less moral - atheists or theists?
  2. Is a person's privacy invaded by the presence of camera technology in public areas?
  3. Is it really necessary to use animals for testing?
  4. When people commit dreadful crimes, do they deserve to be put to death for these?
  5. Should the USA allow "Dreamers" to remain in the country?
  6. Given the laws on freedom of speech, do people have the right to make hate speeches?
  7. Should cosmetic surgery be offered to teenagers or should they be encouraged to take this option?
  8. Some countries are known to use child labor. Is it right for consumers to buy from these countries?
  9. Should it be permissible for employees to sport tattoos that are clearly visible in their places of work?
  10. Should there be a ban on beauty pageants involving children?
  11. Is an individual's right to privacy breached by being required to undergo drugs-testing prior to an offer of employment?
  12. Is there a case for saying that places of education and business should offer people more incentive to take up volunteer assignments?
  13. Is it appropriate for publicly-accessible museums to display scenes of nudity i.e. pictures and photographs?
  14. Thinking about assisted suicide, do you think people have a right to ask physicians to help them die?

14 Topic Ideas for an Argumentative Essay on Social Issues

When it comes to choosing topics for argumentative essays on social issues there is often something of an overlap with topics related to moral and legal matters. However, topics of the social variety tend to focus more on how people behave in society and the pressures that society places on people at both an individual and group level.

This category is quite broad with numerous topic options. Additionally, there are plenty you could come up with yourself. In the event you are not sure what topic to base your essay on, you could look for one that you or someone you hold dear is personally affected by.

This latter option tends to make a topic more natural to write about. Just make sure you base your work on fact rather than personal stories or anecdotes since these are more suited to a narrative-style essay.

And don't forget that although you might be dealing with subject matter that you are personally affected by, you should not really write an argumentative essay from the first person perspective. The third party perspective is more appropriate for this type of essay.

  1. Should English be made the official language of the United States?
  2. Can meeting people face-to-face ever be replaced by online dating?
  3. Is it possible for video games to be used as beneficial aids for learning?
  4. Are teenagers put under excessive pressure to get a college education?
  5. Should prisoners be allowed to vote? Do they deserve this right?
  6. What is an appropriate voting age for American citizens?
  7. Should drugs-testing be made a mandatory requirement for people in receipt of welfare payments?
  8. If catcalling is to be curbed on the part of men, should women be more cautious in their choice of clothing?
  9. Should minors be subjected to a legally-agreed curfew?
  10. Is it possible for heterosexual women and men to be just good friends without any expectations or hopes of the relationship developing into something more?
  11. Would it be reasonable to grant maternity leave (in some form) to parents who adopt?
  12. Are there any circumstances where it would be reasonable for an employer to reject a candidate because they smoke cigarettes? If so, what are these circumstances?
  13. Have people become more isolated because of social media?
  14. Should immigrants be given more rights?
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