Learn How Long to Write a 10-Page Paper and Get the Desired Result!

How Long to Write a 10-Page Paper?

You have to complete a long paper but you are not sure how long it will take? Actually, it is up to you. A skilled and experienced student can write such a paper in a day whereas another may need a week to write a good research paper. So, how long to write a 10-page paper? Let us find out!

A 10-page research paper is one of the common assignments given to students in many colleges and universities. Such a paper is a perfect instrument for checking the student`s writing and research skills, as well as the ability to structure the information carefully. Writing a research paper requires following a certain algorithm and we are going to explain each step of creating an amazing paper.

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How Long to Write a 10-Page Paper? Follow Our Tips!

  • Choose the right topic. 

Do not underestimate the value of this process because choosing the intriguing topic will turn the writing process into a wonderful journey allowing you to study interesting information and share it with your audience. If you have an area of interest, try to pick up the topic within its scope that will be neither too broad nor too narrow. Pay attention that to choose a good topic, you need to conduct preliminary research and find the area that was not extensively discussed previously.

One word of caution:  if you consider the option of copy-pasting your paper from the website with the ready-made papers, you put your academic reputation at risk because such papers are heavily plagiarized. In order to bring you the best grade, your 10-page paper should be completely unique and original.

  • Conduct good research.

As you probably know, finding credible and relevant sources for your 10-page paper can be a great challenge. However, it is the inevitable part of writing a great piece. Indeed, finding accurate data for your paper, you will significantly economize time on its writing. However, keep in mind that when using the outside sources, you need to cite them carefully in accordance with the reference style required. Also, the bibliographical information about the source should be provided in your reference list.

  • Identify several sub-topics.

Undoubtedly, a 10-page paper is rather lengthy and you need to divide it into several sub-topics. It will help you organize your thoughts in a logical flow and conduct a thorough analysis of your topic. 

  • Create an outline.

Producing a lengthy research paper is impossible without writing a good outline since it will identify the key arguments you are going to present in your paper. Following your outline point-by-point, you will be able to stay focused and topic-oriented.

  • Write your rough draft.

Do not be afraid that the first version of your paper will be full of mistakes and awkward sentences. In your rough draft, you should just focus on the development of your ideas and disregard the mistakes that will occur. When the rough draft is written, have some rest. After some time, read it aloud to notice and fix all mistakes and logical fallacies. If you want to get a good grade, make sure to polish your paper to perfection and submit it within the deadline allowed by your professor.

  • Follow the classic structure. 

As well as any other academic task, your 10-page paper should consist of the introduction, body, and the conclusion. Each of these parts should be given maximum attention and follow the high academic standards. Be clear, concise, and honest with your reader, and you will be able to get the best result!

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What Can I Do If My Paper Is Due in One Day?

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No doubt, writing a 10-page paper can be a rather challenging thing. However, practicing your skills with every new assignment, you will be able to cope with this task without any problems in the future. Remember that practice makes perfect and if you want to become a skilled and professional writer in some time, you have to work hard now constantly improving your writing and research skills. 

Still wonder how long to write a 10-page paper? The choice is yours! Start working on it once you receive the task and avoid many troubles!

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